Lot# 4412 - Sales #3047-51

  • Lot# : 4412 United States Collections

    US AIRMAILS COLLECTION, 1918/2012. complete mint singles (less C13-15) including booklets, coils and airmail envelopes, postal cards and airletters, C1 part o.g., C2-5 l.h., C6 NH, C7-10 l.h., C10a NH, balance of the stamps (including C18) NH, full booklets include BKC2-11, 16, 19-23, airmail stationery with UC1-4, UC7, UC9-12, UC14, UC15 (used on 1st flight cover), UC16-18, UC20-22, 1956/76 airmail envelopes and airletters mostly complete, postal cards UXC1-28 and finally the souvenir card for 1971 ASDA show with the engraved vignettes of the C13-15 Zeppelin issue, generally fresh and F-VF or better
    Start Price : 220.00 USD
    Current Opening : 220.00 USD
    Hammer price : 240.00 USD