Lot# 4478 - Sales #3047-51

  • Lot# : 4478 FRANCE

    FRANCE COLLECTION, 1852/99. mostly unused or used in mounts on Brimont specialty pages, better including (mint unless otherwise noted) 10-11 used, 23, 25 (gum staining), 32, 49 unused (RPS cert, thinned), useful assortment of mostly unused and used imperf and perf Bordeaux issue with 10c privately rouletted unused and 57b used (some reinforced perfs), nice section of unused and used "Sage" issues, J10 used, J18 used, J19, J21 used, J40 used, etc., usual mixed condition but better than typically seen with many of the imperfs well margined, VG-VF; view to appreciate
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