Lot# 4532 - Sales #3047-51

  • Lot# : 4532 SWITZERLAND

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    SWITZERLAND "NEW ISSUES" HORDE. mostly 1990s (some later, some earlier) sets, singles, FDC, etc. with majority still in postal service packaging, some duplication with many four of each mint set and two FDC, also includes some miscellaneous issues including some 1970s/80s presentation packs, a stack of a few 100 extra 1980s/90s FDC plus a starter collection of mostly 1970s/80s NH in two hingeless albums, generally PO fresh and VF, the packing invoices for 1990s/2000s shipments total over CHF2,200 of which a very large percentage is for the mint stamps - note that this figure will include the surcharge for the charity issues
    Start Price : 750.00 USD
    Hammer price : 900.00 USD