Lot# 4539 - Sales #3047-51

  • Lot# : 4539 EUROPE

    OLD-TIME EUROPE COLLECTION for "M-U" COUNTRIES. 1000s in an old battered Schaubek album (1922 edition with Schaubek album pages inserted for post 1922) to 1950s mint and used for Malta to Ukraine; includes useful Italian States of Modena and especially Sardinia, extensive Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway from #1 with manuscript cancel, Poland with interesting locals from 1914/18 period, Portugal, Romania with imperfs onwards with interesting cancels through to 1906 set plus high values mint and much more, Russia with a good range of Czarist issues through to the 1930s as well as back of the book, Sweden strong with 19th century cancels through to 20th century, Switzerland incl; Rayons, «Strubeli» from 2rp onwards, a good range of Standing and Seated Heltvetia, Serbia, Spain from #1 onwards with about 2 dozen imperfs and various subsequent issues including a few high values (some dubious as always) on to the 1930s Columbus set both pictorials high values, etc, early Yugoslavia particularly for Bosnia and Croatia in early transition, Czechoslovakia with dozens of different «Posta Ceskoslovenska» ovpts including occasional signatures but some forgeries as well plus Castles both perf and imperf, usual mixed condition with some slightly stuck down, VG-VF
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