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  • Lot# : 4565 Worldwide Airmail and Flight Covers

    WORLDWIDE BALLOON MAIL POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION. one man»s lifetime»s collection with over 250 covers/cards plus accompanying ephemera all in a bulging album plus the usual loose "work-in-progress" material, Highlights include Poland 1928 1zy Lopp balloon label tied on cover by "III Raid Balono w Kulistych" postmarks and "Balon Warszawa" handstamp, interesting material from Denmark incl. 1948 and 1964 flights by Netherlands balloon signed by pilot Boesman, the 1950 Ballon Post Graz I flights to Austria from Denmark and Norway, 1949 German Bergneustadt first balloon post cover with «ausgefallen» strike, as well as an impressive range of kinderdorf (children»s village) flights incl. 1952 Bodensee flight with helpers of mankind franking, then the 1959 Bernina flight cards with Wahlwies-Bodensee labels, the Swiss Kinderdorfer Zurich flight 1960, 1st, 2nd and 3rd flights from Bangalore India incl. the 1964 2nd flight with "flight cancelled" handstamp, then a "flight cancelled, balloon burst" on 1965 flight from New Zealand, etc, a few rocket covers noticed as well, mostly F-VF; ideal collection for expansion
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