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    WHALES AND WHALING TOPICAL ASSORTMENT.  extensive group of mostly 1960s/70s NH sets, singles and S/S plus philatelic and FDC encompassing the entirety of the whaling topic (and related incl dolphins)  - the whales themselves, whaling vessels, whalers, authors of whaling books (e.g. Herman Melville), etc., note some premium as couple of 18th century letters from sailors on whaling vessels, Brit Antarctic 1977 Whales sheets of 25 NH and cacheted unaddressed FDC (20), PRC 1980 River Dolphins complete booklet (4), Falkland Isl 1923/31 ½d-£1 KG V "Whale & Penguin" o.g. singles plus ½d-1sh blocks NH, Falkland Dep. 1954 Ships NH, Fr. Antarctic 1966/69 5fr, 15fr Whale singles and blocks NH plus deluxe proof (15fr) and imperf trial color proofs, St. Pierre & Miquelon 1969 Whales perf and imperf NH plus set deluxe proofs, Seychelles 1984 Whales NH (3), South Georgia premium NH incl 1963 definitives, 1971/72 Surcharges, Tristan Da Cunha 1975 Killer Whales sheets of 25 NH, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, excellent foundation collection. 
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