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  • Lot# : 1660 Philatelic Literature

    French Africa Literature Group,  various pamphlets and handbooks for the colonial period of numerous countries and incl Lambert & Nilsestuen "The Lambert-Nilsestuen Classification of the Date Stamps of Algeria 1835-1962", Maddocks "The Postal Arrangements of the Anglo-French Cameroons Expeditionary Force 1914-16", Bratzal, Kraja & Maddocks "Les Obliterations du Cameroun 1914-16" (in French), Bratzal "The Wartime Revenue Stampe of Cameroun", Martin & Walton "Togo - The Postal History of the Anglo-French Occupation 1914-22", Billig "Billig's Philatelic Handbook" vol 29 containg "French Philatelic Facts", etc., typical light collector use, Fine group for the specialist. 
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