Lot# 2310 - Sale #3005

  • Lot# : 2310 France

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    Catalog# : 12/21
    12/21, 17c, 1853/60 1c-1fr 2d Empire Issue Collection,  mint and unused singles neatly arranged and annotated on quadrille page, some shade varieties, comprised of 1c mint o.g. (3), 5c mint, unused, 10c type I small part o.g., type II mint (2, both signed Calves), 20c type I mint, unused, 80c Rose unused, 80c Lake small part o.g. (signed Calves), 1fr Sperati forgery "unused", 25c Re-issue part o.g. (2, each signed Calves; each small thins), most fully margined and with strong colors, a few trivial faults, generally F-VF with some VF, well worth a close look (Yvert EUR11,000+) (see on-line scans)
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,200 USD
    Hammer price : 1,500 USD