Lot# 2311 - Sale #3005

  • Lot# : 2311 France

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    Catalog# : 12/21
    12/21, 1853/60 1c-1fr 2d Empire Issue Imperf Collection,  neatly arranged and annotated on quadrille pages, numerous shade and cancels varieties esp. in 20c value, comprised of 1c "petit cachet à date" cancel (2), 5c "petit cachet à date" cancel (2 incl one missing frameline SE corner), small numeral cancel (1), 10c type I Paris star (1), small numeral (4), ambulant (1), 10c type II Paris star (1), small numeral (1), 20c type I (34) of various types and incl five pairs and a strip of four, variety of cancels with most being small numerals, 25c star cancel, 40c small numeral cancel (4), 80c Rose small numeral cancel (6), 80c Lake star and small numeral cancel (1 each), 1fr Sperati forgery "used" (2), also includes 5c, 10c, 20c (2), 40c, 80c "Susse" perf singles, usual mixed condition but much better than usual as majority will be sound and full margined, some usual minor faults do not detract, generally F-VF (Yvert EUR1,850+) (see on-line scans)
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    Current Opening : 325 USD
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