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  • Lot# : 2349 France

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    Catalog# : 50/63
    50/63, 1870/75 1c/80c Bordeaux/ Ceres Perforated Issue Collection,  1870-71 Siege of Pais and 1871-75 Ceres issues neatly arranged and annotated on quadrille pages and incl 1c mint, used (3), 2c used (4 incl scarce red town cancel), 4c unused, used (3), 5c unused, used (5 incl pair), 10c (small numerals) mint (signed E Diena), used (2), 10c (small numerals) used (3), 10c (large numerals) used, 15c (small numerals) mint block (small thins at top), used (3), 15c (large numerals) used (2), 20c mint, used (4 incl scratched plate and broken frame SE corner varieties), 25c mint, used (8 incl one on piece with 25c Alsace-Lorraine occupation), single franking cover, 30c (large numerals) used (4), single franking cover, 40c mint, used (3), single franking covers to Amsterdam (2), 80c (large numerals) used (6 incl block), etc. plus 1876 formular card franked with 1c (5), 10c, Alsace-Lorraine 25c "points up" used (2 incl one on piece with 25c Ceres), duplicates in used generally different shades or cancels, usual mixed condition but better than typically seen, generally fresh and F-VF (Yvert EUR6,250+) (see on-line scans)
    Start Price : 1,400 USD
    Current Opening : 1,100 USD
    Hammer price : unsold