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    1951 Registered Cover to USA Forwarded to Cameroun,  eye-catching triple-country franking cover; Liberia 226 (obsolete at this point but very rare on cover) tied by nice Robertsport JA 3 6" c.d.s. with an accompanying black registry handstamp, three US Customs handstamps applied on arrival in NY City incl unusual "COLLECT 10c POSTAGE DUE FOR CUSTOMS SERVICE" marking for which a 10c carmine postage due was affixed and tied by ms. "X" and target cancels, marked for forwarding to "Yaounde, Cameroons / French West Africa" where 10fr blue green postage due affixed and tied by 4 AVR 51 cancel, paste-up cover cleanly opened at left and with some paper adhesions on the perimeter, US Post Office Dept Official Seal on back side (probably applied after checking for dutiable material), Very Fine overall and a most unusual triple country franking. 
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