Lot# 3002 - Sale #3005

  • Lot# : 3002 United States Collections

    U.S. SPECIALIZED COLLECTION 1847/1996, in six Lighthouse volumes plus duplicates (or stamps not yet amounted in albums), consisting of: eight stockbooks of backup and lots of stamps in little file boxes or glassines. 19th century is mostly used, 20th century consists of both mint and used, some notable items incl: 1-2, various 1c 1851/1857 issues, shades of 3c 1851, 12, 14-15, 17, 18, 20, 30-30A, 32, 36-36B, 37-38, 3-4, Confederate States nearly complete along with shades of several issues, U.S. 1861 issues: 67, 75, several shades of 76, group of 70/78 shades, 71, 72, 1867 Grills: 101, 86, 92, 85B, 79 PF cert, 85, 89-91, 96-98, Pictorials: 112-22, Banknotes: 138 PSE cert, mostly complete banknotes (only a few mis-identified), 219-29, Columbians: 230-45, Bureaus: 246-62 (a few mid values are watermarked), 264-78, Trans-Mississippi: 285-93, Pan American: 294-99 unused, Airmails: C1-6, C13-15 mint and used, various banknote and bureau postage dues, complete used special delivery, from this point on, all sets are both mint and used (unless noted otherwise): Pan-American: 294-99, 1902 Regular issue: 300-13, 310 with o.g. PF cert, Louisiana Purchase, Jamestown, 1909 Commemoratives, 1908 Washington perf and imperf sets: 331-42, 343-47, perf 12 Washington coils in singles and pairs (a few of which are dubious), 350 with o.g. PSE cert, complete perf 8 1/2 Washington mint coil pairs, 410-13 mint pairs, 357-8 mint, 397-404 Pan Pacific, 1910 Washington sets, F1, 405-7, 414-21 Franklins, 408 used plate blocks used on registered cover, 1914-16 flat and rotary Washington coils mint pairs and mint and used singles (each set missing 449), 446 with PF cert, 456 with PSE cert, unwatermarked rotary mint and used singles and mint pairs (only missing 491), 422-23 mint, 460, 519 o.g. PF cert, 424-40 (used set missing a few values), 462-80 (missing 476A and used 467), 498-518 (missing 500 mint and 505 used) incl: 505/499 combo block of 4, 518 violet brown shade has APS cert, 523-4, 547, offsets mostly complete (only missing 533 used and 534B), various coil waste issues, 1920's commemoratives, White Plains sheets, 1922 Bureau issue, 1926 rotary sets (missing mint 634A), Kans. Nebr. sets, 599A mint single and pair, Farley's, Presidentials, 1053 mint plate block, Recalled Legends of the West in blue folder, and thousands of dollars of U.S. postage. Condition is mixed, some faults among the used, especially classics, mostly sound in 20th century mint, with the exception of a few gum issues in some of the better early 20th century, still very desirable collection with many useful "key" pieces. This collection should draw serious interest, so spend extra time to carefully evaluate it's impressive value.
    Start Price : 20,000 USD
    Current Opening : 12,000 USD
    Hammer price : 21,000 USD