Lot# 3022 - Sale #3005

  • Lot# : 3022 United States Collections

    QUALITY U.S. COLLECTION IN TWO LIGHTHOUSE HINGELESS ALBUMS.  mint, much NH, with many high quality singles, with many stamps hand-picked for centering, starting with low value and 10c Columbians, Trans-Mississippi 288-89, Pan-American 296, 299, 326, 1909 commemoratives (without bluish paper), 1908 Imperf set 343-47, Pan Pacific 397-99, imperf Offsets 531-34A (533 with PF cert), 541 XF, PF cert, 1920's - 30's commemoratives mostly complete starting with 548-50 on..., partial 1922 Definitive set (only missing a few middle values), some Kans. Nebr., some Farley souvenir sheets and gutter blocks, Presidential set to $5 and coils, Liberty set, early airmails incl. C1-6, C14, possible C23c Ultramarine shade, E9 and plenty of face value postage. Condition is mostly sound, a nice collection with plenty of potential for breakdown or expansion. 
    Start Price : 4,000 USD
    Current Opening : 3,250 USD
    Hammer price : 3,250 USD