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    1868 Cover to München Addressed in the Hand of Composer Richard Wagner, Richard Wagner, famous German Opera Composer and Theatre Director: 1868, envelope with address panel written in Richard Wagner's own handwriting franked with 1868, 25 Rp green on white paper dispatched from "LUZERN 14 XI 68" to "Dr. Ludwig Nohl, Maximiliansstrasse 6 in München". At the time the Bavarian King Ludwig II was forced to ask the composer to leave Munich (after Wagner was involved in some indiscreet affairs). The King installed Wagner at the 'Villa Tribschen', beside Lake Lucerne where he completed his famous opera 'Die Meistersinger' in 1867. The addressee Dr. Ludwig Nohl , a friend of Richard Wagner and whose works he had praised in his writings, was aGerman music scholar and writer best known for discovering and publishing Beethoven's famous bagatelle, "Für Elise", written confirmation of Richard Wagner's own handwriting by the Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth attached (2016).
    Richard Wagner, berühmter Deutscher Komponist und Theatherdirektor: 1868, Briefumschlag mit von Richard Wagner persönlich geschriebener Adresse, frankiert mit Schweiz 1868, 25 Rp. grün auf weissem Papier, gestempelt "LUZERN 14.XI.68" an "Dr. Ludwig Nohl, Maximiliansstrasse 6 in München". Zu dieser Zeit sah sich der Bayrische König Ludwig II veranlasst, Richard Wagner nach diversen indiskreten Vorfällen aufzufordern München zu verlassen. Der König stellte Wagner die 'Villa 'Tribschen' am Vierwaldstädter See bei Luzern zur Verfügung. Dort vollendete Richer Wagner seine berühmte Oper "Die Meistersinger". Der Adressat Dr. Ludwig Nohl war ein Deutscher Musikschriftsteller und Freund Richard Wagners, dessen musikalischen Werke in den Veröffentlichungen Nohls höchste Anerkennung fanden. Die Handschrift Richard Wagners wird in einem Schreiben des Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth bestätigt (2016).

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    1872 Cover Lausanne to "Hon Elisha H Allen" in Honolulu, Hawaii, cover with enclosed letter franked with 1867 10c rose, 1863 1fr gold (Scott 53, 50) tied by black Lausanne 2.XI.72 cds cancels, red boxed «PD» erased and replaced with black «P.P.», red Swiss ambulant and London Nov 5 transit cancels, Fine and attractive
    The cover is addressed to «Hon Elisha H Allen», Minister Plenipotentiary from the Kingdom of Hawaii to the United States from 1856 until his sudden death in 1883 (died while attending a New Year»s reception in the White House and is one of only six people to die in the White House itself). Prior to that he served in the Maine and Massachusetts House of Representatives and the U.S. House of Representatives. From 1850-53 he was appointed US Consul in Honolulu by Pres. Fillmore and became a citizen of Hawaii upon his replacement by appointee of the following Pierce administration. He was a close advisor to the Ryal Families and served several important positions in the Hawaiian government including Minister of Finance and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The enclosed letter is from his son Fred and mentions his mother having sent a letter from San Francisco and mentioning she was moving on to Bangor (Maine).
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