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Sale #3019 - Session Two - British and Worldwide Stamps and Covers
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  • Lot# : 2452 Postcards and Trade Cards

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    1890s/1910s Comet Postcards, selection of nine postcards, mostly American and German, several "doomsday" postcards from 1899 as well as a few from Halley's Comet's 1910 passing, few humorous/risque subject matter, also a Teddy Roosevelt comet charicature, most unused, generally Very Fine, a scarce and attractive group
    Start Price : 200 USD
    Current Opening : 200 USD
    Hammer price : 200 USD

    Lot# : 2453 Postcards and Trade Cards

    Early 20th Century RPPC and Photograph Collection, approximately 120 postcards from the early 20th century, the vast majority real photo postcards, mostly of pretty girls (many produced in Italy), as well as several dozen early photographs, great subject matter and perfect for an ephemera dealer to sort through, generally Very Fine, viewing is recommended
    Start Price : 50 USD
    Current Opening : 70 USD
    Hammer price : 130 USD
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