Paper Americana - Politically Related

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    19th Century Assortment, includes 1812 election document from town in Worcester County, Mass certifying election results for Governor (Caleb Strong def Elbridge Gerry); balance mostly related to activities of Solon Borland of Arkansas; note 1844 letter from the Arkansas Speaker of the House and Pres of the Senate announcing election of electors (incl Mr Borland) for the recent Presidential election (Polk defeated Clay-Arkansas 3 electoral votes for Polk), 1846 document commissioning him a Major of the Arkansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment; 1853 document signed by Pres Franklin Pierce appointing Solon Borland as Ambassador to Honduras and also signed by the Sec'y of State William Marcy plus a letter from the Navy offering passage to the area on the frigate "Columbia" ; an 1853 document announcing his appointment as Territorial Governor of New Mexico (he declined this appointment), etc., very mixed condition with each of the documents faulty to some degree (mostly breaks and tears), VG, view to appreciate
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