Sale 3020 - The Elmer Campbell Collection of Germany and German Areas
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    EXTENSIVE BAVARIA COLLECTION. comprehensive collection in an album loaded with extra pages for shades, varieties, cancels, some covers, etc. plus stock pages with cogwheel cancel assortment on various issues and various "Retourbrief" labels (incl essays) plus a separate album with specialized selection of the 1867 3Kr with different cogwheel cancels, primary album highly complete with premium issues throughout incl (Michel numbers ) 1 I a used (APS cert), 2 I a used pair, 5 b II used (sound; Sem cert), 13a-b used, extensive embossed and Leopold issues, 1920s assortment, useful "back of the book" with 1913 Aero Club flight card, officials, telegraph, etc., typical very mixed condition with some typical faulty/ repaired, fake cancels, etc., generally Fine or better, viewing a must, accompanied by 29 APS plus few other certificates, owner's Michel EUR40,000+
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