Germany - Post WW II Local Issues

Sale 3020 - The Elmer Campbell Collection of Germany and German Areas
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  • Lot# : 475 Germany - Post WW II Local Issues

    GERMANY - 1945-46 LOCAL ISSUES COLLECTION. advanced collection of stamps and covers on Lighthouse hingeless or quadrille pages, includes issues of a number of different localities with sets, singles, S/S, covers (mostly philatelic), assorted varieties etc. along with the usual array of forgeries and reprints, note premium Finsterwalde S/S, useful Fredersdorf incl forgeries, Glachau with some signed Dr Penning or Zierer BPP, Gorlitz, Grossraschen, Lobau with some signed, Lohne Mi 1-3 used signed, Oldenburg S/S, Schwarzenberg forgeries, Spremberg incl signed with multiples and varieties, Storkow incl S/S, Strausberg incl S/S, Westerstede, etc., usual mixed condition, mostly F-VF, ideal for the specialist in these challenging issues
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