Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 3599 FINLAND

    FINLAND USED COLLECTION to 1980s. several hundred used from the first issues onwards in a well-filled Schaubek album noting some 19th century varieties, highlights include two each of the 1856 imperf 5k Blue and 10k Rose (faults as usual yet all cut-square), assorted roulettes including better issues (usual «perf» issues), the first «Penni» issues with shade and perf varieties to 1m Violet, 1889/92 to 10mk, Russian types incl 1901 10mk Black and grey (Scott 69; Schwenson certificate), 1910s/20s Lions issues to 25mk, etc, through to the 1980s, as well as WW II fieldpost stamps, Aunus, Karelia virtually complete, North Ingermanland, etc., usual mixed condition in early issues, generally F-VF
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,500 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3600 FINLAND

    DESIRABLE FINLAND COLLECTION, 1860/1995. specialized collection neatly arranged on quadrille pages in nine albums, parallel mint and used for majority of the issues, numerous better as (mint unless otherwise noted) 4 used, 7-8 used, 9 used (5 incl shades), 10 used (2), 17-30 used, 29d used, 31-35, 38-45 mint and used with some shade varieties, 46-58, 46-56 used, 64-69 used, 65-67, 106-07, 111-18 mint and used, 139 used, 153-54 mint and used, 178, B2-57 used, C1 (2), Q1-5 NH, etc., highly complete after 1930 and incl booklets/ booklet panes, S/S, Karelia, etc., virtually all NH after 1940, classic issues some short teeth as usual but overall far better condition than usually seen, mostly F-VF, well worth a careful viewing; Scott $7,000+
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3601 FINLAND

    FINLAND COLLECTION to 1980s. 100s of mint and used on Davo pages, commences with a "beat up" 1856 5k with manuscript cancel, some serpentine roulettes, 1875 to 1mk, and a good range thereafter, some "back of the book" incl bit of East Karelia and some North Ingermanland, usual mixed condition, mostly F-VF
    Start Price : 200 USD
    Current Opening : 200 USD
    Hammer price : unsold
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