FRENCH COLONIES (General Issues)

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  • Lot# : 3632 FRENCH COLONIES (General Issues)

    FRENCH COLONIES and FRANCE USED ABROAD HOARD. Specialized holding of the Empire issues and French classics used abroad with enormous diversity of postmarks and clearly assembled by someone with extensive knowledge; well over 1500 stamps crammed on top of each other on small manila stock pages yet highly organized and identified with pencil descriptions of the cancels; at first glance there is particular strength in Asia and plenty of pairs and strips of the imperfs, apart from the Reunion lozenges in black, blue and red incl many multiples, the vast majority of postmarks appear to be for Cochin China and India/Pondicherry, as well as some Cambodia, etc.. we note octagonal army correspondence Saigon on strip of five 5c Green Ceres, «Inde» lozenge on 5c Eagle strips of three and four, «CCH» in lozenge on 10c Eagle strip of four, Inde and CCH lozenges on Napoleon 80c Rose, various Saigon cds types on Sage issues in quantity, Cochin China Bureaux incl My-Tho and Vinh-Long, etc.; also Guadeloupe «GPE» in lozenge on 1c Bronze on greenish Napoleon strip of three, anchor lozenges and unusual «SEA POST OFFICE» cancels, blue lozenge on Ceres 15c Bistre, imperf and perf sages with well-struck cancels of Obock, Papeete/Tahiti, D»Zaoudzi in black and blue, Dabakala, Senegal, etc, Pnom Penh on 2c strip of three, etc, as well as a splendid showing of several dozens of revenue surcharges for Cochin China with 30c handstamps on 1c perf Sage and 35c imperf Sage, «greffe» overprint 5c on 25c and 10c on 50c, etc., it»s difficult to convey the breadth of this holding making viewing is a must and highly recommended; the Yvert catalog here will easily exceed EUR70,000rn
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    Lot# : 3633 FRENCH COLONIES (General Issues)

    FRENCH COLONIES (GENERAL ISSUES) EAGLE ISSUES SPECIALIZED COLLECTION neatly arranged and annotated (in English) on pages, includes die and color proofs, postal re-issues and Granet printing of 1887, specialized groups of each of the 5c-80c denominations incl mint, multiples, shades, cancels, varieties, etc., generally fresh and VF, a lovely collection and a pleasure to view
    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 500 USD
    Hammer price : 700 USD
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