Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 3660 GERMAN STATES

    COLOSSAL GERMAN STATES STOCK - BADEN to WURTTEMBERG. a huge holding we have been asked to auction, with very approximately 5000+ stamps organised chronologically by Michel, mint to one side, used on the other, with many premium condition classics and lots of scarce used 20th century with signatures abounding; highlights are Baden 1862 9kr used (Mi.#15b), wonderful Bavaria incl 1862 18kr shades used (#13), 1867 18kr used (#19), 1911 Luitpold type I high values mint NH (#86I/90I), 1914 top values also mint NH (#107I/109I), 1919 Volkstaat ovpts comprehensive inc. imperfs complete used all signed (#116IIB/133IIB), Germanias inc. key 3m good perf type mint NH (#150A), Freistaat imperfs complete with top two values signed, 1916/1919 good 1m lilac official types used (#29y signed twice, #43y), 1920 officials with 2½m x3, 3m x2 and 5m x3 all signed, perfin freeposts NH, se-tenants, revenues etc.; then useful Brunswick, Hamburg, Heligoland 1876 3pf mint NH (mounted on selvage, #17b), Northern Federation 1870 7kr postage due mint NH and used, the latter signed (#9), interesting range of Alsace-Lorraine with dozens of mint and used, Oldenburg 1862 3gr brown with blue box Lohne postmark, Prussia with a plethora of postmarks, Saxony Johann heads to 5ngr shade signed, as well as later arms types with mint NH shades and lots of signatures on the used, Thurn and Taxis with lots of better used incl 15kr purples and 30kr orange signed, 1866 3sgr brown used signed, through to excellent Wurttemberg from #1a used signed, incl. 1861 9kr both shades, the #19ya Kuppenheim cds and #19yb Heilbronn cds both signed, then the 1862 3kr orange giving a good idea of the strength of the postmarks here, with superb "on the nose" cds cancels of Ulm and Abtsgmund (signed) on piece, Konigsbronn (signed), Wasseralfingen (signed), Kirchheim unter Teck, etc, followed by the 9kr red lilac with Cannstatt cds signed (#24), 1863 3kr shades #26c pair signed and the wine red #26d signed twice with Esslingen cds, 9kr dark shade signed, as well as better early 20th century with 1906 set complete used all signed, 1923 4 billion marks on 50pf used signed (#182), scarce 50 on 25pf orange used on piece signed twice (#188), 1920 city views officials complete used signed, etc.;usual mixed condition but better than most, soem dubious and reprints mixed in, VG-VF; this is a turn-key stock, yet there is still much to discover here since it was assembled decades ago and has not provided for many good Michel varieties, paper types etc, or any of the constant plate varieties; enormous potential with no doubt a catalogue easily running into 6 figures, very probably in the order of 150,000 euro or more.
    Start Price : 5,000 USD
    Current Opening : 5,000 USD
    Hammer price : unsold
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