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  • Lot# : 3661 GERMAN STATES - BADEN

    BADEN COLLATERAL and PRIMARY SOURCE MATERIAL. well-researched collection of about forty early 19th century documents representing a wealth of information from primary sources, all in pristine condition, with the main focus on military matters, including the mails. We note sovereign decrees from Carl Friedrich and then Leopold concerning postal rates for on-duty soldiers, details of rules for conscription, an interesting warning about clandestine foreign propaganda, as well as notices for the handling of undeliverable mail (1834), the use of field-post by demobilised personnel, etc, through to 1870s with another notice concerning the sending of mail to the mobile army, as well as original copies of the «Badische Landes-Zeitung» newspaper, the «Hochwachter auf dem Schwarzwald» and others. Lots of interesting contents and the quality here is remarkable. Please inspect.
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