Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 3703 GERMANY - SOVIET ZONE

    GERMANY - SOVIET ZONE "HOP" ISSUES COLLECTION. collection of "Bezirk 38" issues neatly arranged in a stock book and incl foour covers, highlights include "38 Bergen" violet, "38 Franzburg", "38 Garz", "38 Tribsees" all with proper BPP signatures, generally fresh and F-VF; owner's Mi EUR1,870
    Start Price : 450 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : 450 USD

    Lot# : 3704 GERMANY - SOVIET ZONE

    GERMANY - SOVIET ZONE and DDR COLLECTION. substantial stock book with 1500-2000+ stamps and S/S featuring much parallel mint and used and virtually all different, including useful Saxony/ East/ West Saxony Numerals and Shields, Besetzungs ovpts on workers series mint (some NH) and used, 1949 Goethe S/S NH, NH, 1951 DEBRIA S/S mint and used, Mao used, Karl Marx Year S/S perf and imperf S/S NH, etc. and continuing virtually complete mint as well as used through to the 1964 DDR 15th Anniversary miniature sheet mint and used, generally F-VF; attractive quality throughoutrn
    Start Price : 400 USD
    Current Opening : 400 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3705 GERMANY - SOVIET ZONE

    SOVIET ZONE and EAST GERMANY COLLECTION. well-filled collection of approx. 1000 mint and used in a Ka-Be album, including Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a range of Bezirk handstamps, East Germany better 1950s sets, incl 1951 Mao complete used on piece, etc, generally F-VF
    Start Price : 200 USD
    Current Opening : 200 USD
    Hammer price : unsold
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