Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 3765 ITALIAN STATES

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    ITALIAN STATES COLLECTION. well over 100 classics, mint, unused and used (typical assortment of forgeries and reprints) on Yvert pages including (used unless otherwise stated) Sardinia 1851 20c Blue (#2), 40c Rose (#3) both signed, 1853 embossed 20c Blue (#5), 1854 embossed issues, a very attractive trio with the scarce 40c with neat cds and signed, 1855 Emmanuel heads with shades and postmarks, incl 5c Myrtle green, 10c Grey and Grey brown, 40c with full lozenge cancel of Marseille (France) on piece, 80c shades light and dark orange, etc.; Naples with an attractive range of 1861 and 1862 mint/ unused to 80c, etc.; also a full page of Roman States, Lombardy-Venetia including the scarce 1865 2s Yellow perf 9½ used (#20); typical very mixed condition, VG-VF; huge catalog valuern
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000 USD
    Hammer price : unsold
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