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Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 3949 Worldwide Airmail and Flight Covers

    1920s/40s AIRMAIL COVERS ASSORTMENT. 60 covers nearly all being with European franking or with European destination, better covers of note from Hungary, Iceland, Baltic region, GB, Australia, France and French area, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, etc., usual mixed condition but a highly desirable selection and a must-view
    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 500 USD
    Hammer price : 500 USD

    Lot# : 3950 Worldwide Airmail and Flight Covers

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    "AOT" & "AV2" AIRMAIL COVERS, 17 covers, different countries and destinations, censor tapes, attractive frankings, etc., generally Fine or better, please inspect, excellent lot.
    Start Price : 100 USD
    Current Opening : 100 USD
    Hammer price : 210 USD

    Lot# : 3951 Worldwide Airmail and Flight Covers

    FLIGHT RELATED COVER ACCUMULATION, including 1-100 Smithsonian Institution "Milestones of Flight" covers, SR-71 pilot signed world speed flight record covers (4) plus over 150 covers including first flights, air shows, test flights, etc. Generally F-VF.
    Start Price : 75 USD
    Current Opening : 110 USD
    Hammer price : 110 USD
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