Virginia Postal History

Sale 3022 - Session 2 - British Commonwealth and Foreign Stamps and Covers; United States Postal History
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  • Lot# : 2694 Virginia Postal History

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    Barker Brook, Va. Sept 28th, 1853, manuscript town cancel on 3c Nesbitt, the most unusual address we have ever seen, "To Lexington, I'll send this letter-Care of Thomas Plunkett-(A wife would make him live some better, if he could only thunk it.) And now "Dear Tom, if your in town, please send it up to college and tell the boys it's from "Old Brown", a chap thats getting knowledge", entire with edge faults and missing backflap, still Fine and most unusual.
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    Lot# : 2695 Virginia Postal History

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    VIRGINIA Postal History Group useful group includes a Van Liew, VA July 31, 1883 manuscript cancel on UX7; Edgemont, VA Dec 18, 1875 manuscript cancel; Pamplin's Depot Mar 10 cds on U58; Proctor's Creek Aug 20, 1862 tying damaged pair of CSA 5c Davis; VA C.R.R. Cobham May 20 cds tying repaired #26, two different University of Virginia (1859 and 1861) and several Virginia covers with towns now in West Virginia including a fancy 1833 Martinsburg oval with postmaster free frank; some faults as expected but generally a Fine group.
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    Lot# : 2696 Virginia Postal History

    VIRGINIA Postal History Group consisting of about 80 pre-WWII covers or cards all with different postmarks, some DPOs, 10-15 last days, about 20 with Navy or military related postmarks, nice start to the collecting of Virginia postmarks and DPOs, usual mixed condition though most are fine or better.
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    Lot# : 2697 Virginia Postal History

    VIRGINIA Doanes Cancels Including Unreporteds Over 120 Virginia cards and covers with Doanes cancels; included are the following postmarks which are unreported (based on the Doanes Cancels website): Flo 2-1 (listed but not verified) and Alone 1-1, Goffs 2-2, Kasey 2-1 and Non Intervention 1-2 (all not listed on the website); note several EKU's and second knowns; typical mixed condition but generally Fine.
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    Lot# : 2698 Virginia Postal History

    VIRGINIA Premium Postal History Group Over 250 cards, covers and stationery with Virginia postmarks with Helbock scarcity ratings ranging of 5 to 7 (Volume VI - The Mid-Atlantic); very little duplication, usual mixed condition but generally Fine; an interesting group with viewing highly recommended.
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    Lot# : 2699 Virginia Postal History

    VIRGINIA Postal History Accumulation, over 550 covers, cards and stationery, with mostly different postmarks, ranges from stampless era to a few modern - mostly 1880 to 1920, some faults as expected but generally Fine condition.
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    Lot# : 2700 Virginia Postal History

    VIRGINIA Postal History, Postmark & Cancellation Collection, on about 1000 pages in eight albums with over 1200 post 1950 covers or cards many are with modern pictorial postmarks, hundreds of cut out postmarks, this is from one of the largest postmark collections ever put together, the owner attempted to collect as many different strikes as possible so there are few if any duplicates though some cities have many different cancellation types with lots of pictorials, most are fine-very fine.
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