Sale 3022 - Session 3 - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections
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  • Lot# : 4374 CHINA

    CHINA COLLECTION, 1946/50. starts with range of 1946 surcharges on Sun Yat-sen, the Chungking Dah Tung and Dah Yeh surcharges (Scott #768/774), Hong Kong, London and Dah Tung printing Taiwan overprints to $3000, Northeastern Provinces including the scarce unissued $22 black, $65 olive and $109 green, as well as the military field-post ovpts (#M1/M3), 1947 Sun Yat-sen set complete to $500,000 (#1/11), etc, then the 1949 revenues surcharged for postage incl unissued $5000 on $100 (#936), the Hankow types with inverted key pattern to $100,000, Kwangtung ovpts incl on the key $30 violet, etc., followed by Kiangsi Province ovpts complete, the key surcharges of Yunnan the 4c on $20 brown and 12c on $200 brown (#70/71), Kwangsi complete set of 12, Foochow, postage due conversion ovpts, Szechwan air post surcharges complete (#C1/C6), Tsingtau complete (#1/4), Fukien #19/23 set, through to an impressive showing of all the parcel posts including 1945 first series complete (#Q1/Q5), 1946 complete (#Q7/Q10), 1947 complete (#Q11/Q27), the 1949 surcharges complete (#Q32/Q38), early military stamps also complete (#M1/M12), etc., generally fresh and F-VF; ideal for continuation
    Start Price : 3,000.00 USD
    Current Opening : 3,000.00 USD
    Hammer price : 3,000.00 USD

    Lot# : 4375 CHINA

    CHINA MINT COLLECTION, 1888/1945. attractive collection in mounts on Chinese PO Dept pages in one substantial album, highlights includes 13-15, 25-27, 78-79, 269, 276-83, 290-306, 331-38, 349-60 blocks, 370-401, 471, B9a, Manchuria 1-24, Sinkiang 39-46, 70-73, 78-81, 82-88, 98-101, 115-26, 180-88, 196-98, Szechwan 12-23, Yunnan 21-24, 45-48, 49-60, Occupation issues incl North China 8N17-53, 8N60-67, 8N113-18, etc., generally fresh and F-VF, ideal foundation collection
    Start Price : 2,500.00 USD
    Current Opening : 2,500.00 USD
    Hammer price : 1,500.00 USD

    Lot# : 4376 CHINA

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    CHINA, PRC and ASIA BALANCE. old-time stock of 1000s of stamps, housed in manila envelopes, sales sheets, glassines, etc., much 1950s and some earlier with hundreds of packets to open, we noticed at early PRC reprints as Mao high values, sports se-tenant blocks, Stalin meeting, etc., plus earlier junks and martyrs inc. Kwangtung ovpts series to 50c blues mint, more martyrs in large multiples, stockpages of Formosa, etc., also seen Laos with hundreds of complete sets, color trials, lots of souvenir sheets including in special booklets, especially 1951 complete booklet of over two dozen, as well as Japan, Thailand inc. «atts», Persia, album pages with further useful Siam 19th century, Korea from first issues, Tibet, etc, etc. An intriguing accumulation with enormous potential, please view thoroughly.
    Start Price : 1,000.00 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000.00 USD
    Hammer price : 1,050.00 USD

    Lot# : 4377 CHINA

    CHINA 1940s/80s COLLECTION. many hundreds of mint and used in a Scott album and incl some PRC issues, note well over 400 Sun Yat-sen/ Martyrs issues incl Provinces, 1949 surcharges on train/liner issues, Taiwan 1958 Butterflies mint, PRC 1960 Goldfish mint, etc., through to back of the book incl assorted provinces complete sets, etc., usual mixed condition, generally F-VF, worth a careful viewingrn
    Start Price : 750.00 USD
    Current Opening : 750.00 USD
    Hammer price : 600.00 USD

    Lot# : 4378 CHINA

    CHINA STOCK BOOK being a mint and used accumulation from 19th century classics to mid-20th century with approx 1500 stamps somewhat chaotically arranged on a mix of album pages and manila stockpages, the latter crammed with stamps 19th and early 20th century, with hundreds of issues of the period from the Imperial Chinese Post dragons to Junks incl. lots of overprints and dozens of Reaping Rice issues through $1 Hall of Classics, 1909 Temple of Heaven mint, etc, then many hundreds of 1920s/40s Martyrs, Sun Yat-sen and surcharges on ocean liner issues, as well as various provinces, etc.; we also note classic Imperial dragons reference examples, interesting back of the book with a nice range of early long revenues, Foochow, Formosa, etc, a close inspection is recommended as there will be much to discover here.rn
    Start Price : 500.00 USD
    Current Opening : 500.00 USD
    Hammer price : 900.00 USD

    Lot# : 4379 CHINA

    CHINA COVER GROUP. cover collection on homemade pages featuring approx. 100 covers and cards from early Republic to modern, incl. junks, PRC, a few Hong Kong, and some stamps incl. Ichang 6 mint pair and 7 mint block of four, review recommended
    Start Price : 300.00 USD
    Current Opening : 300.00 USD
    Hammer price : 575.00 USD

    Lot# : 4380 CHINA

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    CHINA COLLECTION mint and used collection on various pages in a binder, incl. late Imperial and early Republic issues, Taiwan and PRC, best is PRC incl. mint sets and souvenir sheets, also some Japan, useful group
    Start Price : 250.00 USD
    Current Opening : 250.00 USD
    Hammer price : 270.00 USD

    Lot# : 4381 CHINA

    CHINA (TAIWAN) 1990/2000 MINT NH COLLECTION. sets, singles, S/S, booklets, etc in mounts on pages, mostly complete for period, incl 2915 with gold ovpt for WAPEX '93 show, 2935-39 sheets of 20, 3131-32, 3369-70, VF; Face Value NT$10,500+ (about $350)
    Start Price : 75.00 USD
    Current Opening : 75.00 USD
    Hammer price : 130.00 USD

    Lot# : 4382 CHINA

    PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA AND TAIWAN POSTAL STATIONERY HORDE thousands of mostly mint PRC postal stationery postal cards, many still in their original post office packaging of 50/100 each; the majority seem to be issues of the 1980s/90s, there is still a good variety and hundreds of different cards; some Taiwan postal stationery envelopes issued in the 1970s, generally F-VF; a great lot for a wholesale dealer. Two heavy cartons.
    Start Price : 75.00 USD
    Current Opening : 90.00 USD
    Hammer price : 1,100.00 USD
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