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    United States City Despatch Post, New York City, 6LB5a, 1842-45 3c Black on blue green, Double impression, single with dramatic doubling (1.5mm downward shift of the design) and ample to large margins, tied on folded letter with Valentine»s Day message (datelined "Feb 14, 1844") and folded into the form of an envelope, just tied by red boxed "U.S." cancel with a matching "City Despatch Post U.S. Feb 19" postmark at right, locally addressed to "218 Rivington St," cover with tears at the center not affecting the stamp nor the markings and stamp with tiny edge flaws at the top; Fine and rare with only about 5-6 examples of the double impression known (Scott $1,500 for a used single, unpriced on cover), 2019 Philatelic Foundation certificate

    The USPCS census only records 3 examples of this stamp on cover, not including this cover. One, addressed to Andrew Jackson (3/1/43), demonstrates a slight shift upwards in the second impression. Another, addressed locally to a Mr. Hutchings in New York City (10/22/??) shows a dramatic downward shift in the second impression that is very similar to the stamp on this cover (the third cover, dated 1/25/43, was last sold by Nutmeg in 2006).

    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 500 USD
    Hammer price : 3,750 USD

    Lot# : 30 Carriers Stamps

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Semi-Official Carrier, 7LB5, 1849-50 1c Black on rose with "J-J", uncancelled stamp on complete cover front with additional portions of the letter sheet on reverse, addressed to Lynnford Kentucky, lightly struck blue "Philada Pa Jun 17 10" town marking at right, Very Fine and choice (Scott for a "used" example $7,500)

    Only two examples of this stamp on or off cover are recorded with the other example, also untied, on a cover with a 5c 1847. When both items were first sold in the Caspary Auction (March 1957) this front realized $1,100 and the cover with the 5c 1847 sold for $1,300.

    Provenance: Alfred H. Caspary (H.R. Harmer Sale 1069, 1957)

    Ambassador J. William Middendorf, II (Frajola Net Price Sale 4, 1990)

    John R. Boker, Jr. (Private Transaction)

    The first five Philadelphia Carrier Stamps (7LB1-5) bear intials in the last line of text: "L-P," "S," "H," "L-S," and "J-J." Although these were intended to represent men who served as carriers (as first identified by Luff), only "John Johnson" appears to have received the correct initials. As described in an article by Elliott Perry (Chronicle Vol. 34, No. 4), which illustrates the cover offered here, most of the early Philadelphia Carrier Stamps (7LB1-9) are known in two types: "Group I," which has elevated periods in the top line of text, and "Group II," which has periods in-line with the bottom of "U.S.P.O." Both examples of 7LB5 belong to "Group II," although the one-time existence of "Group I" stamps can be inferred. The cover offered here was the discovery copy, first reported by Eugene Klein in 1911.

    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 1,000 USD
    Hammer price : 2,900 USD

    Lot# : 31 Carriers Stamps

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.P.O. Despatch Pre-Paid One Cent, 7LB16, 1855 (?) 1c Black on white, cut square, just into at top and left, tied by circular grid cancellation on dark buff cover addressed to Wilmington, Delaware, additionally franked with a strip of three of 1c Blue, type IV (Scott 9, margins to just cutting) to pay the to the mails rate, Very Fine and rare (considered one of the finest known examples of this stamp), there are only 5 examples of this stamp recorded in any condition and only two on intact covers, the other franked with a 10c Green and addressed to San Francisco (Scott notes, but does not price, this usage)

    Provenance: Alfred H. Caspary (H.R. Harmer sale 1069, 1957)

    Henry C. Gibson (Private Transaction)

    Produced by applying a handstamp to the sheet margins of the US 1851 1c issue, both 7LB16 and 7LB18 are amongst the most novel stamps in the history of American philately. At the extreme left edge of the stamp on the cover offered here (right edge if oriented upright), the traces of the ornaments of the 1851 1c can be seen. Although the "Large Oval" type (7LB18) was produced using this same method it is much more common than the "Eagle at Top" type (7LB16).

    The history of Carriers Stamps in Philadelphia is incredibly interesting and well-documented by Scott Trepel in The 1851 Issue of United States Stamps: A Sesquicentennial Retrospective (2006, Part VI). After using the typeset issues (7LB1-9) from 1850 to early 1851, Philadelphia began using the lithographed issues (7LB11-13) and the federal Franklin and Eagle issues (LO1-2) concurrently. From early 1853 onward only the Eagle issue is known used, until a cluster of covers appears in 1856 using what can only be called a "provisional" handstamped issue (7LB14/18), presumably stemming from a shortage of LO2.

    Start Price : 2,000 USD
    Current Opening : 2,000 USD
    Hammer price : 22,000 USD

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    Williams' City Post, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1854 9LB1, 2c Brown, horizontal pair, fresh color, clear to large margins except just touch at top right, usual brushed on original gum, light natural paper wrinkling, vertical fold mostly between the stamps, pinhole in left stamp, still Very Fine, the unique mint pair (Scott $7,500)

    Provenance: John R. Boker, Jr. "Flintstone" Collection (Robson Lowe, 1973)

    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,500 USD
    Hammer price : 4,750 USD

    Lot# : 33 Carriers Stamps

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    Williams' City Post, Cincinnati, Ohio, 9LB1, 1854 2c Brown, tied on small envelope addressed "Dr. A. E. Heighway/ at Capt. J. C. Culbertsons/ Northside 6th Street/ West of Mound" by blue circular "City Post" handstamp used by Browne & Co. of Cincinnati, with contents datelined "18 January 1855," stamp clear to large margins, the envelope with slight edge soiling from photo mounts and a couple tears on the reverse, a Very Fine and extremely scarce usage, 2019 Philatelic Foundation Certificate

    The Siegel census, as of 2016, notes the existence of only six uses of this stamp on cover but does not include this one. A 2006 census by John Bowman published in the "Penny Post" records eight covers and does include this particular cover. Bowman records this cover as being sold by H. R. Harmer in January 1974 as lot 689. There appears to be only two examples of this stamp used on cover and tied by the Browne & Co. "City Post" handstamp. The other cover was sold as part of the Edward Knapp collection in 1941. Scott does not price this stamp on cover and tied by the "City Post" handstamp. It prices a stamp on cover tied by a manuscript cancellation at $4,500.

    Claudius C. Williams (the namesake of this particular stamp) ran a local post in Cincinnati before being appointed letter carrier by the Post Office Department in October of 1854. According to Bowman, carrier service was available at one cent "to the Mails" and at two cents for local (intra-city) delivery. The local rate could therefore be paid with Williams' stamp (9LB1) or two of the federal Eagle carrier stamps (LO2).

    Start Price : 2,000 USD
    Current Opening : 2,000 USD
    Hammer price : 11,500 USD
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