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Sale 3027 Part II - United States Postal History and Worldwide Flight Covers
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  • Lot# : 1544 Philatelic Literature

    White, R.H. "Encyclopedia of the Colors of United States Postage Stamps" Vol. 1-5 (includes the vollume for Postage Dues) plus "The Papers and Gums of United States Postage Stamps 1847-1909" and "Color in Philately", Very Fine
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    Lot# : 1545 Philatelic Literature

    US 19th Century Stamps and Postal History Library, numerous books, handbooks and pamphlets including standards as Brookman Vol 1-3, Neinken "US 1c Stamp of 1851-61", Arfken "The US Large Numeral Postage Due Stamps 1879-1894", Chase "The 3c Stamp of the US 1851-57 Issue Revised", Tiffany "The History of the Postage Stamps of the US", Neinken "The US Ten Cent Stamps of 1855-59", Ashbrook "The US One Cent Stamp of 1851-57" Vol 1-2, Luff "Postage Stamps of the US" (1902 and Quarterman reprint), Hill, "The US 5c Stamps of 1856", Evans "The US 1c Franklin 1861-67", typical light collector use, Tiffany and Luff 1902 some binding/ page separation, Fine and desirable foundation library
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    Lot# : 1546 Philatelic Literature

    20th/21st Century Issues Philatelic Library, includes Linn's US Stamp Yearbook 1983-2010, Johl Vol I revised, II-IV, Jol Commems Vol I-II, Armstrong 1906-38 Coils, 1908-21 Wash-Franklins and 1922-38 Definitives, Griffith 1922-26 and 1927-32 Issues, assorted pamphlets and handbooks for booklets and booklet panes, 1901 Pan Am issue, "Liberty" issue, plate no coils, tagging, etc., typical light collector use, Fine foundation library
    Start Price : 75 USD
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    Hammer price : 110 USD

    Lot# : 1547 Philatelic Literature

    Confederate States Literature, includes "Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Hand-Book" (1959 and 1986 editions) plus 7 different Brian Green authored pamphlets, all almost as new
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    Lot# : 1548 Philatelic Literature

    US Philately General Library, includes Philatelic Foundation "Opinions" I-VII plus index/ abstract, Linn's "Philatelic Gems" Vol 1-5, few National Philatelic Museum pamphlets, Williams "Fundamentals of Philately" (1990), Schmid "How to Detect Damaged, Altered and Repaired Stamps" and "The Expert's Book", "Sloane's Column", "Baker's US Classics" and "Pat Paragraphs", typical light collector use, Fine assortment
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    Hammer price : 170 USD

    Lot# : 1549 Philatelic Literature

    German Philatelic Society, Reference Manuel Of Forgeries, vol. 1-10 (missing vol.8), by Dr. Werner Bohne, in English, all Fine and from a working library, also includes several other important works: vol. 1 BNA Forgeries (Pugh), "Outfoxing the Fakers (2), etc., an important group of reference material.
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    Lot# : 1550 Philatelic Literature

    Balance of a Philatelic Library, wide ranging from 1986 Dietz Confederate Catalog to Ryan "Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on Austrian Stamps" and few dozen handbooks, pamphlets and catalogs added in, others of note include Turner "Essays and Proofs of US Internal Revenue Stamps", assorted Ukraine handbooks, Frajola, Kramer & Walske "The Pony Express - A Postal History", Minuse & Pratt "The Essays and Proofs of British North America", Ringstrom & Tester "The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World, Part 1, The Caribbean" with pricing, Proud "The Postal History of British Malaya Vol I, II", Ferchenbauer "Osterreich 1850-1918" (1981 edition), "A Magyar Belyegek Monografiaja" vol I-VI, etc., typical collector use, Fine assortment
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