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  • Lot# : 3152 GERMANY

    GERMANY COLLECTION, 1872/1945, extensive collection of mostly mint on set of Scott pages with few empty spaces, note 1872 Eagles complete mint or used, 65A mint, "Germania" issues mint and used incl booklet panes and "Zusammendrucke", strong 1927/45 issues incl charity sets and singles and S/S and remium as B33 stamps NH), B33a-d mint, B34-37 NH, B68 used (slight paper erosion), B68a-d mint, B104-05 NH, C35-42 mint, C43-44 used, with some booklet panes as 399b (2), B19a, B28a, B29a, B60a, B63a, C30b, C30c, varieties incl 458 "1585" var., etc., usual mixed condition with most F-VF
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 750 USD
    Hammer price : 1,500 USD

    Lot# : 3153 GERMANY

    GERMANY BACK OF BOOK COLLECTION. mint and used collection in mounts on homemade pages, incl. post WWII Locals 1945-46, Soviet Zone 1948 overprints on Allied Occupation joint issues, various revenues and WWII official mail Third Reich issues tied on pieces from 24 different offices and 36 other pieces w/stamps tied by full special cancel, esoteric and unusual group, great for the specialist, huge Michel catalog value, inspection definitely required, generally F-VF
    Start Price : 300 USD
    Current Opening : 300 USD
    Hammer price : 575 USD

    Lot# : 3154 GERMANY

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    GERMANY COLLECTION, 1945/2008. mostly mint on Scott pages (regular issues to 1990 only) and majority NH after 1955, starts with American/ British zones incl some varieties of the Band and Network overprint issues and perf varieties/ errors in the Buildings issues, includes 675a mint, 702-21 NH, 1953-54 Welfare NH, Etc., generally fresh and F-VF
    Start Price : 250 USD
    Current Opening : 250 USD
    Hammer price : 450 USD

    Lot# : 3155 GERMANY

    GERMANY COLELCTION, 1872/1945. highly complete and mostly used on Scott pages, includes numerous better sets, singles and S/S highlighted by 1872 Large and Small Shields nearly complete used, 62-65A used (65 with paint retouch), strong inflation period, 1925-29 Coats of Arms used, 3rd Reich highly complete mostly used and incl S/S as 1930 IPOSTA NH, 1933 10-Year Anniversary mint (small faults), 1935 OSTROPA used (small faults as usual), airmails incl 1924 Eagles used, 1926-27 Eagles used, 1931 Polar Flight used, etc., usual mixed condition with most F-VF; Scott catalog well over $7,500
    Start Price : 200 USD
    Current Opening : 325 USD
    Hammer price : 850 USD
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