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United States Postal History - Foreign Destinations
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    153, 1870 24c Purple, with 1870 3c Green (147) on lightweight envelope addressed to Wellington, Cape of Good Hope and forwarded to Kalk's Bay, tied by target cancels with accompanying "New Haven Ct Nov 19" (1875) date stamp, "New York 110 Dec. 22" credit date stamp (expressed in centimes), red London Paid transit cancel, light red crayon "1" (1p) Colonial rate, "Cape Town Cape Colony," "Wellington Cape Colony JA 3 76" and "Salt River Cape Colony JA 3 76" transit cancels, backstamped "Kalk-Bay JA 4 76," 3c straight-edge at right, 24c couple short perfs, envelope small repair at left edge, Very Fine cover carried by British mails via Southampton with proper 27c franking and an elusive use of the 24c to Cape Town
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    153, 1870 24c Purple, with 1870 3c Green (147) tied by NYFM (Weiss GE-EN3) cancels on envelope addressed to Madrid, Spain, sender's Santiago, Cuba "Nov 11 1874" double oval date stamp, red "8.R" (due) applied on arrival in Madrid, backstamped "New York/Paid to England Nov 24" date stamp and blue "J. DeRivera/New York/Nov 24 1874" (forwarder?) handstamp, envelope opened at left, partially at right (small piece missing) and sealed at top, still Fine and interesting cover
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    Hammer price : 675.00 USD

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    210, 1883 2c Red brown, used with Mexico 1886 10c Lilac (180) on envelope addressed to Bordeaux, France, Mexican issue tied by blurry Veracruz 1887 date stamp with an accompanying "Feb 23 1887" sender's handstamp, 2c Brown affixed and tied by geometric cork cancel, backstamped "New York Mar 4 F.D." transit and Bordeaux "15 Mars 87" arrival, 10c straight-edge at bottom and some short/pulled perfs as often, envelope opened top and left (slightly reduced) with some light aging along the edges, Fine use
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    216, 1888 5c Indigo, tied by "Louisville Ky. Dec. 6, 1888" duplex on envelope with "Brand & Bethel/Leaf Tobacco" printed cornercard, addressed to "Capt. Peter Strickland/U.S. Consul/Goree, Senegambia, West Coast of Africa," Bordeaux "16 Dec 88" transit and Goree "29 Dic 88" arrival backstamps, stamp with few lightly toned perfs, opened and slightly reduced at left, otherwise Very Fine usage to a scarce destination

    Connecticut native Peter Strickland (1837-1921) strove to survive and prosper from 1864 to 1905 in the midst of a strong French colonial presence in Senegal, first as a captain of merchant ships in the trans-Atlantic trade and then as U.S. consul in Senegal, the first in French West Africa. In dispatches to the State Department, Strickland did his best to educate the American diplomatic and business communities about the potential for trade with Africa. He carried out his official duties without a salary but was allowed to maintain a private export-import business and keep the consular fees charged to the captains of American ships calling at Senegalese ports. His major task was to monitor and facilitate American shipping abroad and, in accordance with new legislation of the period, to look out for the welfare of American seamen.

    Provenance: Corey Long (R.A. Siegel Sale 948, 2007)

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