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Sale 3031 - Session 2 - United States Postal History and Flight Covers
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  • Lot# : 2013 Forwarding Agents

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    "Bryden's Coffee House/ New York," full strike of the negative marking in black with central design of a packet ship, struck on back side of a printed folded letter datelined "New York le 20 Ganvier 1809", addressed to Paris, Very Fine and among the rarest forwarder markings extant; this particular handstamp was used by I. Brydens Tontine Tontine Coffee House during a short 3-month period in 1809.
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    Lot# : 2014 Forwarding Agents

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    "U.S. Naval Lyceum," lovely strike of the oval handstamp with illustrated full-rugged ship, postmarked New London, Connecticut August 30 on envelope addressed to a Lieutenant on the "U.S. Sloop of War St. Louis/ Western Coast of Africa" with notation "Care of U.S. Naval Lyceum room/ Brooklyn, N.Y.", envelope a bit of edge wear and a tiny clipped corner upper left but overall Very Fine and a most attractive example of this forwarding mark rnThe "U.S. Sloop of War St. Louis", commissioned in 1828, served the US Navy for most of the 19th century. After a tour of the Mediterranean and Turkey, "St. Louis" returned to New York in May 1855 and sailed out in November to help suppress the slave trade along the western coast of Africa, returning to New York in Feb 1858. In September of that year, she joined the Home Squadron based at Pensacola, Florida.
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