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Sale 3033: United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Collections and Accumulations
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  • Lot# : 4349 Topical Collections

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    "1150 YEARS OF ST CYRIL and METHODIUS TRIP TO GREATER MORAVIA". a colection of predominantly NH sets, singles and S/S related to and/or from the countries visited, issues from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Greece, Hungary (incl 631-98 mint), Macedonia, Monaco, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Vatican City (incl 19-34+E3-4 NH, 122-31+E11-12 mint), Yugoslavia, generally fresh and F-VF
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    Lot# : 4350 Topical Collections

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    "AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT FROM 1880s-1930s." complete eight-frame exhibit in three binders, primarily covering the traveling circus and the Wild West show, expertly and attractively mounted, better items throughout including many picture postcards and advertising covers, note sections on Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull, «Jumbo» the elephant, and more, additionally an extra binder of unmounted material (mostly modern mint), Very Fine and clean collection, an ideal basis for continuation, worthy of a close look
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    Lot# : 4351 Topical Collections

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    "MAN BENEATH THE SEA." complete nine-frame award-winning exhibit in three binders, includes sections on ocean superstitions, diving, tourism, submarines, and marine robots; extremely attractive presentation throughout, better items marked including (but certainly not limited to) stampless Dublin mermaid postmark (only used as a receiver 1808-14), German and Italian military postal cards, cover recovered by divers from the wreckage of the Empress Ireland in 1914 (deadliest peacetime maritime disaster in Canadian history), cover salvaged from the RMS Tahiti (sunk without loss of life in the South Pacific in 1930), 1946 registered cover to Czechoslovakia with five Bahamas 4d «Sea Garden» stamps, PRC 1979 Study Science from Childhood S/S (Scott 1518) NH with light corner bend from photo mount, US 1959 4c Arctic Explorations (Scott 1128) dramatic offset on gum side and fold-over showing gutter and portion of adjacent stamp, August 3 1958 USS Nautilus North Pole cover, and much more; quality is Very Fine throughout, obviously the result of many years of collecting and fine-tuning, a rare opportunity to purchase such an attractive and well-realized exhibit collection
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    Lot# : 4352 Topical Collections

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    "MAN BENEATH THE SEA" ADDITIONAL MATERIAL. six binders of extra (mostly unmounted) material related to «Man Beneath the Sea,» again including diving, submarines, and other nautical themes, an amazing amount of material (which would allow for further growth of what is already a superb topical exhibit offered in the previous lot), many modern worldwide sets and souvenir sheets with an enormous retail cost, also some FDCs, trade cards, and other assorted material, generally Very Fine and worth a close look
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    Lot# : 4353 Topical Collections

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    ASSORTMENT OF TOPICAL COLLECTIONS. accumulation of binders including topics ranging from Sherlock Holmes, lighthouses, kites, holograms, manatees, and Ben Franklin, mostly modern mint material but some more esoteric, also includes binder of (mostly Cayman Islands) diving-themed phone cards, Very Fine and fresh throughout, significant retail potential or the basis for several new topical collections
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    Lot# : 4354 Topical Collections

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    WORLDWIDE COLLECTOR'S TOPICAL BALANCE. several hundred, mostly on stockpages, topics include Columbus, Elvis Presley, Princess Di, Golf, etc., also includes small group of U.S. printing errors or freaks, some face value present, of special note is 1893 soft cover guide to Columbian Exposition, about five unused Columbian postal cards and "Manhattan Day" Ticket, generally F-VF, something for everyone.
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