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  • Lot# : 2221 Forwarding Agents

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    1841 Folded Letter Sheet addressed to London and originating in Havana, Cuba (May 1841 docketing) and with "via N. York" routing, address side with framed "Portsmouth Ship Letter" handstamp and an ms "8" rating, back side with nice strikes of two different forwarder's handstamps, "Forwarded By Collomb & Iselin/ New York" in black (partially affected by letter opening) and "Forwarded Through Gilpin's Exchange Reading Room and Foreign Letter Office/ New York" in red (both Rowe rarity 3), additional red London 19 JU 19 arrival cancel, Very Fine and a scarce double forwarding cover
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    Lot# : 2222 Forwarding Agents

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    Forwarding Agents Stampless Covers Selection, 1837/68, seven covers addressed to NY, London or Paris and originating in Havana (3), Puerto Rico (2) or USA (2), fair to good strikes of forwarding agents (all rated scarcity "3" in Rowe) B. Blanco (New York), Fort & Lindam (New York), Harnden & Co (Liverpool; "Postage Paid to Destination"), Heckshers, Coster & Matfield (New York), Renauld Francois & Co (New York), Vias Y Compania (San Juan P.R.), Weichers & Co. (Ponce, P.R.), appropriate array of cancels, ratings, markings, etc., generally fresh and F-VF
    Start Price : 200.00 USD
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    Hammer price : 200.00 USD
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