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    "Consulate of the United States of America, St. Petersburg" (Russia) dateline on an 1824 folded letter (marked "duplicate") addressed to Boston and signed by "James Leighton" and countersigned by a witness, white embossed seal of the consulate affixed at bottom of letter which concerns the medial affairs of a "William Richies", lightly struck red postal marking, horizontal file fold, Fine usernFrom the text of the letter, James Leighton was "Physician of His Imperial Majesty, Physician General of the Imperial Fleet, etc., etc.", Russia, at the time, was ruled by Czar Alexander I and he continued his service under the administration of Czar Nicholas I. He was the grandfather of Sir Frederic Leighton, one of Victorian Britain's most renowned painters and who also served as the president of the Royal Academy of Arts (London) from 1878-96.
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