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  • Lot# : 2269 Exposition Covers

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    "The Pan-American Exposition Company" stock certificate no. 4 on thick card stock for 50 shares ($10 each) granted to Leslie Bennett on June 30 1899 and signed by George Williams (Treasurer) and John G Milburn (President), an ornate border of the expo logo and with a 25c Battleship revenue stamp affixed, trivial bit of edge wear, Very FinernrnThe Pan-American Exposition was held from May 1-Nov 2, 1901 on a 342-acre site in Buffalo NY. The fair featured the latest technologies, including electricity, and attracted nearly 8 million people. A midway provided rides and other entertainment; athletic events took place at a specially constructed stadium. The African, Eskimo and Mexican Villages were among the attractions. Some states as well as South and Central American countries had their own buildings. The Electric Tower was illuminated nightly by thousands of colored bulbs and floodlights. Unfortunately, the exposition is probably best remembered as the site of the assassination of William McKinley, the 25th President.
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    Lot# : 2270 Exposition Covers

    1901 Pan-American Exposition. selection of cards, covers and ephemera incl 7/3/1901 official daily program, Singer Sewing Machine promotional booklet and bird pamphlet (2), oversized (6½x5") unused Singer envelope with eye-catching multicolor expo/ ad envelope, couple of Niagara Envelope expo envelopes used (not at the show), five different Niagara Envelope Co show postcards unused (5 different) or used (1 with show cancel), three used Pan Am Expo private mailing cards with views of Niagara Falls (not used at expo), few minor faults but generally F-VF
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    Lot# : 2271 Exposition Covers

    1904 St Louis World's Fair. desirable selection of show postcards (many unmailed), expo cancels, and ephemera incl; Temple Cigar Co box label, card publishers incl Selige, Rotograph Co, Lemreck & Adams, Sunday Post-Dispatch, Buxton & Skinner, Stange & Wagner (Berlin), Frey & Co., Cupples Envelope Co., a souvenir folder with panoramic views of the expo, an engraved invitation (with RSVP cards) from the Kansas State Commission for a reception for the Kansas governor, etc., the used cards will generally have a 1c or 2c Louisiana Purchase issue franking and/or expo cancel, some minor faults but generally F-VF, ideal for the specialist
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    Lot# : 2272 Exposition Covers

    1907 Jamestown Exposition, 22 assorted postcards (all but 7 posted) and one cover with expo views and/ or cancels, includes some of the official show postcards published by Jamestown Amusement & Vending, various show cancels incl expo station and the Norfolk flag-type machine cancel, mixed condition, VG-VF
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    Lot# : 2273 Exposition Covers

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    1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition, includes four U522 FDC with Philadelphia date of issue slogan cancel and each with a rubber stamp cachet and a different multicolor exposition label, also includes eight different labels (same publisher as the labels on the covers) affixed on a small sheet and an uncacheted FDC, F-VF
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    Lot# : 2274 Exposition Covers

    1893/1915 Expositions Assortment. covers and cards from various prominent and not-so-prominent fairs and exhibitions incl 1893 Columbian with Koehler show cards (6 different designs) and an admission ticket with the Indian vignette, 1899 Philadelphia National Export Expo, 1902 Ohio Centennial, 1912 Syracuse NY Ka-Noo-No Karnival, 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition incl some unmailed postcards, etc., usual mixed condition with most F-VF
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