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Sale 3043: British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers - Thursday, June 23, 2021 9 a.m. Eastern
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  • Lot# : 4076 Canada Lots and Collections

    1857/1908 Issues Premium Selection, includes 2TC in red lilac, 4d used (3½ margins), 8 mint, 22 mint (couple creases), 22 on Bothwell paper unused, 22b unused, 25b unused (light perf toning), 35a mint block (one stamp NH), 70 mint block (redistributed o.g., UL stamp tiny surface scrape), 71 NH (short perf), 76 NH (mottled o.g.), 76a mint, 80 mint block (surface scrape bottom left), 96-103 mint (10c without gum), generally F-VF or better centering; Unitrade $15,500+
    Start Price : 1,250.00 USD
    Current Opening : 1,200.00 USD
    Hammer price : 1,200.00 USD

    Lot# : 4077 Canada Lots and Collections

    1859/1903 Issues Selection, mostly mint and includes (mint unless otherwise noted) 15 unused, 15 o.g. (2 incl one with "captured imprint" in margin), 36, 43 unused, 45a, 46-47, 69P plate proof on india mounted on card, 74-84 used, 90A block (bottom pair NH), 91, some minor faults, generally F-VF (Scott $4,000+)
    Start Price : 450.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 4078 Canada Lots and Collections

    90A/349, 1903/52 Plate and Imprint Blocks Collection scores arranged on double-sided black Vario sheets, with a good variety of material and only a very little duplication, plenty of better material throughout, including 96-97 plate blocks of four, 146-148 plate blocks, assorted Arch and Medallion, 224-25 plate blocks of six, good selection of War Issue plate blocks with some matched sets, 245, 261, 268/273, 302, and much more, a few of the early items are hinged (some in margin only), great majority NH, also includes a few regular blocks here and there, some varieties, etc. generally fresh and F-VF
    Start Price : 600.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 4079 Canada Lots and Collections

    Canada 1911/46 Issues Better Sets and Singles Group. includes 104 block NH, 105 UR corner margin block of six NH (2 stamps straight-edge), 107 block (2 stamps NH), 109a NH, 122 bottom margin single with "lathework", 140 LR corner margin block NH (three stamps with straight-edge), 145 block NH, 149-59, 155 block with plate no (bottom stamps NH), 155 top plate no block of six with margin hinge reinforcement (stamps NH), 159, 160 paste-up pair, 160-61 pairs, 176-77, 178-83 pairs, 195-201, 199 block of four with plate No 1, 205 pair NH, 217-27, 228 strip of four NH, 241-45, 245 plate block (stamps NH), 246 LL plate no 1-3 block, 249-62, 273 plate block NH,CL11 pane of ten with 4 tete-beche pairs (minor faults), E8 NH, O10 plate block (stamps NH), plus 726 block with one stamp kiss double print of "Canada", a few minor faults but generally fresh and F-VF or better
    Start Price : 800.00 USD
    Current Opening : 800.00 USD
    Hammer price : 800.00 USD

    Lot# : 4080 Canada Lots and Collections

    1928/51 Issues Premium Assortment, includes 135, 149-155 blocks of four, 157 block of four, 175, 204, 227, 233 "crease on collar" variety (l.h.), 241-45, 244 block of four, 249-62 (2), 261-62, 268-73 (3), 272-73, 302 (3), NH, fresh and F-VF with many VF or better (Scott $3,025+)
    Start Price : 500.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 4081 Canada Lots and Collections

    Canada Premium Assortment, classic period through the 1930s and incl 4a unused (VF but for small thins), 8TC in deep rose, 15 unused, 35 block VF o.g., 92 greenish bistre shade (2), 95 in the purple and deep purple shades, 102 VF NH but spot of gum disturbance, assorted George V period booklet panes (some used), 200 plate no block NH (brownish gum), 201 NH (Sismondo graded 98 cert), 213 sheet of 50 NH, 272 plate block NH, E8 plate block, booklets BK29c, BK33a, etc., generally F-VF; Unitrade C$8,250+
    Start Price : 750.00 USD
    Current Opening : 750.00 USD
    Hammer price : 850.00 USD

    Lot# : 4082 Canada Lots and Collections

    Collection of Air Mail / Aviation Stamps, on album pages, best items are a C1 top margin block of four with plate no, C1a imperf pair without gum, C2 NH XF, C2 block of four (2 stamps NH), Unitrade C3ii with shifted/ slanted surcharge mint (3), C7 UL plate block mint, etc., generally F-VF
    Start Price : 150.00 USD
    Current Opening : 150.00 USD
    Hammer price : 190.00 USD

    Lot# : 4083 Canada Lots and Collections

    Special Delivery Issues Collection, 1938/46, singles and plate blocks on mounts on pages and incl airmail special delivery issues, includes CE1 matched set plate blocks NH, CE2 plate blocks NH (3 diff positions), CE3 matched set plate blocks (NH except LR hr in margin), CE4 matched set plate blocks NH, E7 matched set plate blocks (all but UL NH), E8 LL plate block, E9 imprint block of six and LL plate block NH, E10 matched set plate blocks, E11 matched set plate blocks NH (UL tiny spot dist gum in margin), generally fresh and F-VF; Scott $1,200+
    Start Price : 200.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 4084 Canada Lots and Collections

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    Canada Booklets Assortment. nine complete booklets comprised of Unitrade BK3c, BK3e, BK5f, BK6c, BK20b, BK11, BK12, BK13a, BK16a, most of the covers will have folds or creases to varying degrees and most of the stamps in the earlier booklets will have varying degrees on gum disturbance from adhering to the interleaving, an overall Fine group of pre-1940s booklets (Unitrade C$3,900)
    Start Price : 300.00 USD
    Current Opening : 300.00 USD
    Hammer price : 350.00 USD

    Lot# : 4085 Canada Lots and Collections

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    Canada Booklets Group. 17 complete bookltes with Unitrade (English covers) BK3c (6), BK3e (8), BK5f (3), one booklet with a missing staple and most of the stamps have the interleaving affixed to some degree though it appears easy to separate leaving panes with some glazing or light disturbances, one booklet pane with a few damaged stamps from being stuck down, VG-VF (Unitrade C$3,950)
    Start Price : 75.00 USD
    Hammer price : 75.00 USD

    Lot# : 4086 Canada Lots and Collections

    1930s/60s Complete Booklets Collection, 59 booklets with BK5d, BK5f, BK13a (creased covers) and then 56 booklets between Unitrade BK28a/BK59c identified and arranged in order in stock sheets, generally fresh and F-VF, nice foundation collection
    Start Price : 350.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 4087 Canada Lots and Collections

    Provinces Assortment, includes (mint unless otherwise noted) New Brunswick 6 used (2), 6a used, 9 used, 10, Newfoundland 88 NH, 96, 97, 159 NH. C8. C15 NH, C16, C17 NH, Nova Scotia 2 used (tiny thin), 11 unshaded "E" variety, 11 block of four plus reprints of 1851/57 1d, 3d and 6d, Prince Edward Isl 9a block of four plus 6d reprint die proofs in four different colors, a few minor faults with most F-VF or better
    Start Price : 200.00 USD
    Current Opening : 220.00 USD
    Hammer price : 230.00 USD
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