Ryukyu Islands - Provisional Issues

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  • Lot# : 3823 Ryukyu Islands - Provisional Issues

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    Ryukyu Islands Provisional Postal Cards, 13 items, includes (Schoberlin numbers) US Administration: PVA5 (type 1SV2 stamp, inscription type 1HV2, Naze FP4 handstamp), PVA5 (type 1SV3 stamp, inscription type 1HV2, Naze FP4 handstamp), PVA23 (revalued by Naze type FP4 handstamp), PVA23 (revalued by money order seal type VS10a with additional Koniya type F4 chop), and PVXA7 (revalued by Ukenkushi chop type FP4); Okinawa Islands Group: PV001 (type VS3 and VS7 chops), PV001 var (proposed official air post card created from remainders in 1952), and PV002 (message card only, type VS3 and VS7a chops); and Miyako Islands Group: PVM2 (Tomiyama type VS2 plus VS8 chops), PVM2 (two cards, Tomiyama type VS2 chop), PVCM1 (two cards, with appropriate chops and markings), generally Very Fine and attractive, a rare group
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