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    Boston, Massachusetts, "Shield with Stars," complete strike ties 1861 3c Rose (65) to cover to New York, "Boston Mass. Sep 23" cds alongside, fresh and Extremely Fine, a delightful strike (Skinner-Eno PS-ST 9)
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    Lot# : 100 Fancy Cancels

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    Mittineague, Massachusetts, "All-Seeing Eye," perfect strike of this intricate and artistic cancel ties 1861 3c Rose (65) to cover to Kenosha, Wisconsin, with bold "Mittineague Mass. May 7" cds alongside, this is the discovery cover which helped identify which town this wonderful cancellation originated from, perhaps unique with at most one other cover known, and at least one off-cover example known in blue ink, Extremely Fine in every respect, quite simply one of the most spectacular fancy cancel covers in existence, even mentioned in the New York Times May 31, 1987 (Skinner-Eno FR-NMb 8)rnProvenance: Rarities of the World (R.A. Siegel Sale 296, 1966)rnRarities of the World (R.A. Siegel Sale 679, 1987)rnDr. John Robertson (Private Transaction)
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    Lot# : 101 Fancy Cancels

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    South Hanson, Massachusetts, "Locomotive," full strike ties 1883 2c Red brown (210) to piece with "South Hanson Mass. May 14" cds alongside, some staining and stamp a few short perfs at top, still Extremely Fine and incredibly rare example of this wonderful and intricate cancel with its matching date stamp (Cole Pi-67)rnThe best reference work on this remarkable cancel remains Donald Barany's article, "The South Hanson Locomotive Cancel," in Chronicle 198 (May 2003). In this article, Barany identifies 19 strikes of this cancel, including one complete cover (3c War Department entire) and a 3c War Department cut square. Those two items, with this piece, are the only three complete strikes which also include the circular datestamp of South Hanson, and give a range of use from at least April 1 to June 1, 1885. The only other items which could be considered a complete strike are two overlapping stamps, and a recently-discovered pair with a somewhat indistinct strike. Alongside the complete cover and cut square, last sold in 2018 and 2010 respectively), this is the finest example of this famous cancel one can own.
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    Owosso, Michigan, "Female Bust in Profile," bold strike ties 3c Red "F" grill (94) to small cover to Niles, Michigan, "Owosso Mich. Mar 23" cds alongside, very slightly reduced at left, Very Fine and attractive example of this scarce but crude cancel which was previous described as "looking rather like a monkey" (Skinner-Eno PH-F 63)
    Start Price : 300.00 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 103 Fancy Cancels

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    Albany, New York, Negative "Lincoln" and Stars, lovely strike ties ties 1861 3c Rose (65) to advertising cover for "Jared & C.B. Holt, Dealers in Leather & Findings," light strike of "Albany, N.Y. Oct 14" cds alongside, on cover to Racine, Wisconsin, Extremely Fine, a wonderful example of this ever-popular fancy cancel, particularly on such a clean advertising cover, a gem (Skinner-Eno LC-NP 15)
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    Madalin, New York, "Shield and Star," attractive strike on 1861 3c Rose (65), "Madalin N.Y. Sep 8" double circle datestamp ties, on orange cover addressed to Hudson, New York, horizontal crease away from stamp, Very Fine and attractive example of this scarce cancel (Skinner-Eno PS-C 9)
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    Hammer price : 400.00 USD

    Lot# : 105 Fancy Cancels

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    Unadilla Forks, New York, "Pitchfork," crisp strike on 1861 3c Rose (65) with natural s.e. at left and short perf, barely tied by "Unadilla Forks N.Y. Mar 12" cds to orange cover to Cazenovia, New York, reduced at right and backflap with some faults, still a Very Fine strike of this elusive cancel (Skinner-Eno PO-Wt 21)
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    Centreville, Virginia, "U S Mail," two strikes in black on an envelope franked with 1879 1c, 2c (182-83), 1c just tied, with matching "Centreville Virginia Jul 7 1883" cds at left, backstamped Fairfax C.H. the next day, 2c with faults at the top due to placement, with original contents, a Very Fine example of these attractive cancels (similar to Cole US-150)
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