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  • Lot# : 3715 Transatlantic Covers by Destination

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    1839 Stampless Cover Quebec to London via New York, folded letter sheet with red "Quebec MY 20 1839" double circle cancel, red "New York May 25" cds, manuscript "Via New York/ pr first packet", three different red "Paid" handstamps followed by manuscript "12½" (freight money), "11" (Canadian postage to border) or "18¾" (U.S. inland postage) plus a manuscript "1/7" (postage due at London), backstamped 2-line "Liverpool Ship Letter" and red 20 JU 20 1839 receiving cancel, Very Fine and attractive, pictured in "The Transitional Decade From Sail to Steam on the North Atlantic" (BNAPS Transatlantic Study Group, Handbook 3, page 43); ex-Arnell
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    Lot# : 3716 Transatlantic Covers by Destination

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    1858 Folded Letter Boston to Port Elizabeth (Cape of Good Hope), datelined "Boston Novem 30. 1858", manuscript "via England" (went via Plymouth), blue Howland correspondence with red "Boston Br. Pkt. 'Paid' Jul 20" exchange cds (hollow "B. Pkt" letters) with manuscript "33" prepaid rating and red crayon "28" credit to G.B., red "London Paid DE 13 65" transit and red crayon "1" pence Colonial credit, backstamped blue Devonport DE 14, red Cape Town FE 13 and partial Port Elizabeth FE 16 arrival, letter some light wrinkling and a vertical file fold, Very Fine, a scarce prepaid 33c British mails rate; accompanied by an analysis of the cover by Maurice Blake
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    Lot# : 3717 Transatlantic Covers by Destination

    Transatlantic Stampless Covers to England or France, 1835/66, folded letters to London (8) or Paris (2 including one forwarded), some originating in Canada and addressed to "Canada Company/ Canada House" in London, nice assortment of markings, cancels, handstamps, etc. including framed "Portsmouth Ship Letter", framed "Liverpool Ship Letter", "STEAM BOAT", framed "COLONIES &c ART.IS", "Paid", assorted manuscript and handstamped ratings, a printed prices current, usual mixed condition but a Fine lot of these attractive covers
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    Lot# : 3718 Transatlantic Covers by Destination

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    Stampless Covers to Wurttemberg, eight covers via Bremen or Hamburg to Wurttemberg, both paid and unpaid, variety of different rates and markings, generally Fine or better
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