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Sale 3054: Session 3 - United States Stamps and Covers
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  • Lot# : 3281 Philatelic Literature

    Bacon, E.D., "The Line-engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain Printed by Perkins, Bacon & Co.", Vol. 1-2, 1920, published by Chas. Nissen & Co., Ltd, includes the 15 collotype plates, slight bit of wear on the binding but pages almost as new, a Very Fine set of this important work
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    Lot# : 3282 Philatelic Literature

    Fournier, François: L'Union Philatelique de Genève, Album de Fac-Similes, 1928, complete album in original blue binder, copy no. 17 of 475, re-bound, few pages at front some light foxing, very few items missing, but includes the 12 "Pages Réservées Aux Experts", with hundreds of additional "Obliterations", "Surcharges" and "E'Preuve des Cliches dont les Timbres N'Existant Plus au Stock". Legendary album with the famous Fournier reproductions, since the majority of all albums were taken apart, such complete albums are now a rarity of high philatelic and bibliophilic value
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    Lot# : 3283 Philatelic Literature

    Wilson, Sir John: "The Royal Philatelic Collection", Dropmore Press, London - the until today probably unsurpassed luxury work of philatelic Literature, the original edition from 1952, cover with light scuffing at the edges and toning, some interleaves creased, otherwise excellent condition
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    Lot# : 3284 Philatelic Literature

    United States Literature and Auction Catalogue Accumulation, privately bound sets of Siegel Rarity Sales 1964-81 with PR, "Josiah K Lilly Collection" 1967-68 (10 parts with prospectus and PR), Phillips & Kennett "Arthur Hind United States" (1933) with photos (removed from the separate catalog and inserted in a sleeve at the back of the binder), John W Kaufmann "Gems of Philately" 1977-86 with PR, Robbins Auctions 1975-86 with stamps, postal history and literature (with PR), also the house-bound set of HR Harmer "Caspary United States", Patton "Private Local Posts of the United States" (`1967), Luff "Postage Stamps of the United States, Postmaster Provisionals and Government Issues", the journal "Curiosity Collector" for 1888-92, a bound volume of assorted US pamphlets including Perry & Hall "Centenary of the First Adhesive Postage Stamps in the US", Brookman "The 1847 Issue of US Stamps", Brazer "Historical Catalog of US Stamp Essays and Proofs - The 1847 Issue", the 1990 Siegel sale of the "Brazer Collection of US Essays and Proofs", etc., some PR are photocopies, each almost as new
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    Lot# : 3284B Philatelic Literature

    General Interest Stamp Library, two large cartons with many classic and useful books, including titles by all of the "greats" (Herst, Datz, etc), as well as a 5th edition AAMC, several books about PNCs, Linn's handbooks including the set of "Philatelic Gems," good condition throughout, a wonderful assortment for someone looking to jump-start their library, complete inventory available upon request, please consider the cost of shipping when bidding
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    Lot# : 3284A Philatelic Literature

    Advanced Philatelic Library, includes most of the classics: Brookman (three volume Lindquist autographed and three volume Philips), Johl»s 20th Century (four volumes, two signed), Johl»s 1902-1935 Quarterman reprint, PF Opinions I-VI plus index, White»s Color In Philately, Bakers» US Classics, Sloane»s Column, HR Harmer Caspary United States sales (blue bound volume), Rose»s Classic Imperfs handbook, Harry F. Allen Collection of Black Jacks (signed by Lane), Brookman»s Banknotes (Triad reprint), Armstrong»s W-F»s and coils, Schmid»s W-F Expert»s Book, Priester»s Beer Stamps, Micarelli, West»s Revenue and Match & Medicine, Chase»s Classic US (Herst 1962 reprint), Stevenson/Brookman»s Grills (Triad reprint), and some PF Bulletins, most everything you could want to start a classic United States library, lovely condition, consider shipping costs while bidding
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