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  • Lot# : 3255 BOLIVIA

    BOLIVIA CLASSICS CANCELS AND POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION. Housed partly on quadrille album pages and various other styles and sizes, this is virtually all a 19th century collection of considerable importance. Although somewhat rambling and chaotic in presentation, some of the postmarks noted here include Cochabamba, Oruro, Sucre, Tupiza, Potosi, etc with  100s if not 1000s of examples included colored, triangles in circles, ovals, straight lines, cork segmented, laurels, arrowheads, late usage, large and small grids, starbursts, bisects on cover as well as on piece, etc. Also seen, used postal stationery, 1897 commemoratives on cover commercially used, good stampless pre 1867 etc. Accompanying these are some very good condors with attempted plate reconstructions with for example Scott #1 and #2 with over 100 imperfs in various shades and colors of the 5cts green, then the Scott #3 the 5cts violet and rose lilac, in excess of 140 of these with a Scott of $40,000+, then Scott #4, the 10cts brown in excess of 60 items with a Scott in the order of $25000, the 50cts blue Scott #6 with over 25 examples  with a Scott in excess of $10,000, etc. All of this is housed in a well filled old fashioned album with many different pages with varieties, including misspelling of Bolivia, i.e. Boiivia and Bouvia, broken wings, parallel lines, diagonal lines, dashes, to name a few of the varieties from this roaming collection. Much is tucked away, requiring a slow considered viewing to appreciate what is here. As in any collection of classics, there will be reprints, some mentioned in the Scott catalogue and some not. A delightful collection to study and enjoy, not to be missed, an exceptional opportunity. 
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    Lot# : 3256 BOLIVIA

    OUTSTANDING BOLIVIA COLLECTION. Several 100s of stamps including postal history incorporated into this delightful collection, housed in one well filled album, highly specialized and engaging. Beginning with the 1863 Justiniano Garcia issue with the 1r and 2r in black, as well as fascinating 1/2r and 4r o/ps on the perf issues of the same, accompanied by further studies of these types including some as listed in Scott through to the 4r value.  Then the regular condor issues with at least 36 on the first page, mint and used, 36 again on the second page including straight line and manuscript cancels etc, all denominations of the 5ct yellow green with many shades etc. Also present more material with a further study of other denomination through to the 100cts condor, some signed, virtually all four margined as is the case throughout this collection, ie uniformly good quality. Even the reference copies have been identified, including studies of the "coat of arms" issues with the genuine 9 stars #14 well centered used, followed by the 1868 complete and 1871s to 100 cts unused and 2 examples of dangerous reference copies of the 11 star black. This is all followed by a detailed specialized cancel collection, not only with colored franca cancels, yet also seen multiples from Uyuni, large Camiri straight line, oval colored Huanchaco, fancy cancel Lagurillas, beautiful cds Colquechaca, large Encomiendo, Tupiza, including combination manuscripts, Cochabamba, to name but a few among the 100s of different strikes, truly outstanding in scope with chevrons, starbursts,  diamonds, grids, checkerboards, etc etc. The regular collection then continues through to turn of the century including much non-Scott listed, such as perf and imperfs between on the 1890 defins, through 1894 "coat of arms" again in detailed study with fancy cancels galore, through 1897 pictorials again including details on each denomination through to the high value with at least 4 authentic and 2 identified by the collector as reference. A similar pattern of scholarship is disclosed on the E.F. o/ps issued with further specialisation ie periods, no periods etc, as well as an excellent range of 1901 issues, through to 1901 tete-beche, some fascinating postal history here too, again with varieties of cancels, through to the 1910/12 correos surcharges, on to the habilitadas with no empty spaces and so much outside of the box, as well as listed good material, such as #183 superb used on piece, a seldom seen stamp etc. The collection continues in a similar vein through to the modern era, returning to back of the book, with some important airmails such as Scott #C18 superb used, Scott #C20, C21, C22 and best of all #C23 - this stamp alone has a Scott retail of $900 among the numerous items seen with Scott retail at hundreds of dollars each, including the Z o/ps Scott #C24-C26 and much more way beyond the remit of this description. The collection ends with much non- Scott listed, postal fiscals, a study of the 1867 documentaries, through to the 1883/91 revenues including tobacco, escolar, etc. It probably it will be a long time before you see such a good well rounded collection of Bolivia again, a highly recommended viewing.
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    Lot# : 3257 BOLIVIA

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    BOLIVIA COLLECTION to 1960.  mostly mint neatly arranged on quadrille pages in two albums, useful group of Condors, inverted centeres plus overprint/surcharge errors and varieties, S/S, etc., usual mixed condition, mostly F-VF, ideal for continuation (on-line image; owner's Scott about $4,000)
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