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  • Lot# : 3272 DENMARK

    DENMARK AND RELATED CHRISTMAS SEALS COLLECTION. thousands of stamps in a bulging album, starting in Aalborg (scarce) beginning with 1905 with every year present through to post WW2, through to Denmark this time 1904 onwards, again with every year present including imperf pairs of 1918 and 1920, an essay of the 1943 seal, which this collector states there are only 34 in existence. Then Denmark begins again from 1904 onwards, through to the larger se-tenants, through to further red-cross cinderella and other seldom seen material from Denmark. Also in that category would be Danish West Indies with a few of the pre-WW1 on to the later anti-tuberculosis fund, ending with Faroe Islands, etc. There is plenty of material here that has been methodically collected for errors and all kinds of different categories
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 900 USD
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    Lot# : 3273 DENMARK

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    DENMARK RETAIL STOCK.  six stock books (3 each for mint and used) with issues to the 2000s and only light to moderate duplication, highlights include (mint unless otherwise noted) 11-15 used, 16-20 used (2), 25-34 used (2), 65-69 used, 80 used (2), 82 used, 181-91 used, 238A-J, 246-51, 306-14 NH (2), B1-2 used, B3-5 (2 mint, 3 used), P11-20 used (5) etc., usual mixed condition, mostly F-VF. 
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 600 USD
    Hammer price : 700 USD
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