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  • Lot# : 3341 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY BOOKLET / "ZUSAMMENDRUCKE" COLLECTION. comprehensive and chronologically arranged in six volumes, virtually every whichway is included, that is to say not only the panes but also the se-tenants with virtually every combination including inter-panneaus and the horizontal and vertical X, also some good postal history incorporated into the collection, generally fresh and F-VF, substantial catalogue value and a recommended view. 
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 900 USD
    Hammer price : 1,000 USD

    Lot# : 3342 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY EARLY BOOKLET AND BOOKLET PANE HOLDING. The last part of an important range of booklets / booklet panes, sheets and sheetlets consignment housed in two albums from 1945 numeral types se-tenants and then first workers definitives with the scarce blocks and booklets, booklet panes, etc. For example, we have noticed Michel MHB 1-6, equally scarce are the mint booklets themselves with a sustained range of good material including se-tenants, interpanneaus with and without advertising, yet further good booklets which according to Michel are also very important, all this combined with the in depth collection itself, i.e. virtually all the worker types to the later definitives, etc., this collector knew what he was doing and this collection is thoroughly recommended for those particularly looking for the really scarce material of the first years of East Germany.
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 900 USD
    Hammer price : 950 USD

    Lot# : 3343 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY COLLECTION, 1949/89. A blue Schwaneberger album with as far as we can see no empty spaces and occasional material outside the box, with the good S/S including the Debria, Karl Marx Year perf and imperf NH, Engels NH, the strip of 10 imperf 1960 125 Years of Trains NH, Michel #805b (cat EUR400) and ending with some particularly good officials such as the 1960s Verwaltungspost A, the 1963 first control series of Michel #1-15 followed by the scarce second control series of Michel #16-30 complete NH (EUR400), also the scarce Vertrauliche Dienstsache of 1965 with the usual blotchy paper Mi #1 NH (EUR320) and the equally scarce 1965 ZU bluish green NH (Mi EUR300), also present the scarce se-tenants for the different towns on pelure paper, a strong collection of this country with far more than normally encountered. 
    Start Price : 1,200 USD
    Current Opening : 725 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3344 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY BOOKLETS HOARD. complete booklets holding 1000s of definitive and topical panes filling up a shoebox; a quick inspection reveals nearly all in pristine P.O. fresh condition, certainly some Michel listed varieties to be found, needs much time and patience, yet worthwhile.
    Start Price : 1,000 USD
    Current Opening : 600 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3345 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY MINT NH COLLECTION, 1949/90.  complete in five Davo hingeless albums incl S/S and some mini-sheets, NH except 24pf, 50pf China Friendship regummed, generally Very Fine (Michel EUR5,500+)
    Start Price : 900 USD
    Current Opening : 550 USD
    Hammer price : 450 USD

    Lot# : 3346 EAST GERMANY

    EAST GERMANY EXTENSIVE MINT NH COLLECTION.  nearly complete and NH sets, singles, S/S, etc. in four Lighthouse hingeless albums, with all the premium 1949/55 issues being NH and without fingerprints or disturbances the only blemishes being on the 50pf Mao and the Karl Mark Year perf S/S, fresh and F-VF. 
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : 400 USD

    Lot# : 3347 EAST GERMANY

    / /
    EAST GERMANY COLLECTION, 1949/89.  mostly NH sets and singles of the 1960s/70s in a Minkus album (also includes some mostly used earlier) with the bulk of the collection comprised of the scores of "new issue" envelopes containing various NH sets, singles, S/S, FDC, maximum cards, ETB, etc. with the added bonus of majority of these registered covers having originated in the DDR and hence being nicely franked, some better issues noted as 1964 Anniversary sheet mint and used, generally fresh and F-VF; will make a very nice collection once all "unpacked" and mounted in album. 
    Start Price : 600 USD
    Current Opening : 350 USD
    Hammer price : unsold
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