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    GERMANY FOREIGN OFFICES AND COLONIES HIGH QUALITY COLLECTION.  extensive mostly used collection on KABE pages, includes Offices in China 1901 3pf-3m used, 5m type II mint, Offices in Morocco 1900 3c-3p75c Surcharges used, 6p25c on 5m type I white retouch mint, 1905 1p25c-6p50c Surcharges used, 1911 3c-3p75c "Marokko" Surcharges used, Offices in Turkey 1900 10pa-25pi Surcharges used (less 5m type I, 2½pi perfin), 1908 5c-100c Surcharges used, Cameroun 1897 Overprints used, 1900 1m-3m Yacht used, Caroline Isl 1899 Overprints used, 1901 5m Yacht used, German East Africa 1893 Surcharges used, 1900 2p-3r Yacht used, German New Guinea 1901 3pf-5m Yacht used, German SW Africa 1899 3pf-50pf Overprints used, 1906 5m Yacht used, Kiauchau 1901 3pf-3m Yacht used, 5m mint, Mariana Isl 1900 Overprints mint, Marshall Isl 1897 3pf-20pf Overprints mint, 1899/1900 Overprints used, Samoa 1900 Overprints used, 1900 1m-5m Yacht used (5m thin), Togo 1897 Overprints used, 1900 1m-3m Yacht used, etc plus assorted extras in a stock sheet, a few minor faults here and there but overall fresh and F-VF; outstanding foundation collection. 
    Start Price : 3,500 USD
    Current Opening : 3,500 USD
    Hammer price : 3,500 USD
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