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  • Lot# : 3349 GERMAN COLONIES

    GERMAN COLONIES AND FOREIGN OFFICES STAMP AND POSTAL HISTORY COLLECTION.  old fashioned album beginning with Post Offices in China with the first set complete used to 5rm, as well as the overprints on the eagles at the different angles, save the world rarities yet including different shades, also occasional duplication with different postmarks, then the next overprints to $1½ on 3rm, followed by the subsequent complete set to $2½ on 5rm; Post Offices in Morocco complete with the eagles 60cts on 50pf and Reichspost 6pes 25cts on 5rm, further studies of the subsequent definitive with more 6pes 25cts on 5rm and various other denominations both mint and used, Post Offices in Turkey including forerunners through to shields to 1¼ pi on 25pf, through to eagles complete and pictorial defins to 10pi on 2rm, followed by gothic type to 15pi to 3rm and 25pi on 5rm. Then German colonies including a most unusual Packetadresse 2mk lion for the New Guinea company, followed by the eagles to 50pf with high values both mint and used in different shades through to the Kaiser»s yachts to 5rm, similarly with German East Africa also with some attractive strikes to high values 3rp, as well as all the overprints horizontally and vertically complete, also German South West Africa with a re-directed postal history item 5pf to the motherland, yet again all the overprints complete and both the different series complete to 5rm, one with Windhuk and the other Warmbad, again good used. Time and space do not permit further description other than mentioning Cameroons eagles and complete yachts to 5m, Caroline Isl to 5m, Kiautschou to $2½, Mariana Isl to 5m, Marshall Isl eagles complete x 2 and yachts to 5m, Samoa eagles complete and yachts to 5m, Togo eagles complete and yachts to 5m followed by various postal history including East Asian expedition forces used in China on a colored caricature, as well as 20+ different items of postal history including fascinating Fernando Poo card and other primary sources with some delightful items here. A very well rounded collection of stamps and postal history.
    Start Price : 5,000 USD
    Current Opening : 3,000 USD
    Hammer price : 3,500 USD
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