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  • Lot# : 3414 RUSSIA

    RUSSIA STOCK, 1953/99.  mostly NH sets, singles and S/S neatly arranged by Scott no. in fourteen stock books, duplication less than ten each, bit sparse in the 1950s but 1960s/80s quite useful 1990s generally 1-5 each, note 1747b NH, 2095-2106 NH (4), 2533-34 NH (3), 3022-23 NH (5), 4045 NH (7), 4589-95 NH (6), 4596-4607 NH (6), B107-12 NH (4), B113-20 NH (6), B121-26 NH (4), B127-36 NH (6), etc. plus some imperf varieties, vast array of topicals, generally fresh and F-VF, outstanding retail potential
    Start Price : 2,500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,500 USD
    Hammer price : 1,400 USD

    Lot# : 3415 RUSSIA

    DIVERSE RUSSIA COLLECTION. A very interesting range of Russia both mint and used, beginning with unused #5 and also superb used of the same (cat $225). Further coat of arms types including perf 15 30kop and the different papers, both horizontal and vertical types again to the 30kop, followed by further ranges of the 1880s through to high values 3 1/2 and 7 rubles both mint and used, leading on to turn of the century, ending with close to the last of the Tsarist years, the 1913 mint set to 5rb complete, Scott 88 -103 cat $150, as well as a study of 1914 Russian heroes with many different categorizations and also the so-called currency definitives, followed by the revolutionary period, through to hyper inflation imperfs with 100s of these including errors, paper folds, multiples mint and used etc, even the sheet 25 of the 100rb workers defin with 70rb for 100 in field no.12, accompanied by interesting left hand and right hand corner sheet plate marginals of the 5rb and 10rb workers defins, through to perf and imperfs of the same with values to 100rb, culminating with type A64 high values, 5rb mint and superb used imperforate, pair etc, well worth spending time on especially for the various different perfs here on other denominations, a most interesting range. Then the more obvious commemorative series inc #298-#301 complete, #336-#338 complete, lots of postage dues surcharges both with and without watermarks, as far as we can see complete, Esperanto 3 of each mint with and without watermark, 1927 #375-381 complete mint, various 1928 defins all mint through to high values Lenin with an extensive study of these to the 10rb - anything could be here - followed by blocks of commems late  1920s, through defins 1931 complete, considerable better material of the 1930s, especially airmails such as 15kop zeppelin block of 4 mint #C21 and #C22 with bottom pair never hinged, also both perf and imperfs zeppelins 50kop black brown, icebreakers complete imperfs mint #C26-C29 and much else including better airmails, zeppelins 1934 commems, 1935 propaganda #546-550 complete, high values Spartacist  40kop mint and used, various m/s yet further airmails including superb used sheet corner marginal #C69-C75 and several 100s more into the 1940s and 50s, virtually all one of a kind with much mint and used, ending with further back of the book including non-Scott listed. Time and space do not permit further description, other than mentioning there is much more here to discover in this excellent collection. Please inspect carefully page for page, allowing sufficient time preferably with the specialized catalogues.
    Start Price : 2,500 USD
    Current Opening : 1,500 USD
    Hammer price : 2,200 USD

    Lot# : 3416 RUSSIA

    RUSSIA 1866/1904 VARIETIES HOLDING.  approx. 300 used singles neatly arranged on stock sheets, incl Vertically Laid Paper 1866 30k (90, Mi 23y, EUR200 each), 1875/79 7k (60, Mi 25y, EUR80 each), 1875/79 8k (20; Mi 26y, EUR120 each), Inverted Backround 1904 10k Dark blue (3 unused, 80 used, Mi unlisted, Scott 38a), Levant 1903 1pi on 10k (50, Mi unlisted, Scott 38a), nice assortment of postmarks, a few with small scuffs or mainly minor faults, generally F-VF (Michel for listed EUR27,000+)
    Start Price : 1,500 USD
    Current Opening : 900 USD
    Hammer price : 1,100 USD

    Lot# : 3417 RUSSIA

    RUSSIA USED STOCK, 1939/88.  neatly arranged by Scott no. in twelve stock books with many favor cancelled as usual, few premium 1940s/50s with duplication to around 5 each and some better sets, 1960s/90s more populated and scores of attractive topicals plus some imperfs, etc., mostly F-VF. 
    Start Price : 750 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : unsold

    Lot# : 3418 RUSSIA

    RUSSIA SELECTION.  Thousands of mostly used housed in a substantial stock book, from 19th century issues onwards with many dozens of «Coat of Arms» types with particular interest in the early 20k and 30k denominations, the 20th century through the revolutionary period with dozens of imperfs including multiple inflation overprints through to the late 1920/30s where much of the value is in complete sets of the 1940s/50sl, the book ends with 100s of Tsar Nicholas definitives and further «Coat of Arms» needing sorting and identification, usual mixed condition, most F-VF, careful viewing recommended. 
    Start Price : 600 USD
    Current Opening : 450 USD
    Hammer price : 425 USD

    Lot# : 3419 RUSSIA

    RUSSIA 1970s ISSUES NH STOCK.  blocks of four or up to five singles neatly arranged in a stock book, quite comprehensive for the decade with topicals galore, NH, fresh and mostly Very Fine; excellent retail potential. 
    Start Price : 400 USD
    Current Opening : 240 USD
    Hammer price : 250 USD
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