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  • Lot# : 2001 Philatelic Literature

    Worldwide Postal Stationery Literature and Catalogs,  various country and regional priced catalogs (mostly out of date pricing but still useful reference) incl Kessler Aerograms (Vol I-III), Godinas "Catalogue Mondial des Entiers Aeropostaux" (6 volumes, 1967), Ringstrom Denmark and Danish area postal stationery catalog (two copies), Zumstein 1924 Swiss Specialized catalog with postal stationery section along with specialized listing of classic Swiss issues plus airmails, officials, etc., Rogers "Century of Liberian Philately" (1971) which contains section on postal stationery in addition to the detailed listings of stamps, plus catalogs/reference for postal stationery of Gibraltar, Scandinavian area, Belgian Colonies, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain and colonies, Canada, Newfoundland, etc., light to moderate collector use with pages and binding intact, useful group. 
    Start Price : 200 USD
    Current Opening : 120 USD
    Hammer price : 150 USD

    Lot# : 2002 Philatelic Literature

    U.S. Postal Stationery Literature Group,  classic works incl Tiffany, Bogert & Reichert "The Stamped Envelopes, Wrappers and Sheets of the US" (1892); Bartels "Bartels' Catalogue and Reference List of the US Stamped Envelopes" (1911); Thorp "Bartels Catalog of the Stamped Envelopes & Wrappers of the US and Possessions, Vol. II, Illustrations of the Knives" (1943); Thorp, "Catalogue of the 20th Century Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the US" (1968); Harrison "The Nesbitt Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the US" (1895, rebound); Perry "Guide to the Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the US" (1940); Thorp "Thorp-Bartels Catalogue of the Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the US, Century Edition" (1954); each light to moderate collector wear but with pages and binding intact, useful group. 
    Start Price : 100 USD
    Current Opening : 60 USD
    Hammer price : 100 USD

    Lot# : 2003 Philatelic Literature

    "American Air Mail Catalog; 5th Edition",  volumes 1-5 plus the 1990 pricing supplement, light collector use with pages and binding intact; still useful
    Start Price : 60 USD
    Current Opening : 35 USD
    Hammer price : 75 USD

    Lot# : 2004 Philatelic Literature

    Canal Zone Literature Assortment,  various CZSG works incl "First Issue on Cover / Essays and Proofs"; "Postal Stationery"; "Philatelic Announcement Cards"; "Postal Markings of the Canal Zone" with supplements 1 and 2; plus the "Canal Zone Postage Stamps" work of the Canal Zone Postal Service which has been "3-hole punched" and put in a worn binder, light to moderate collector use, Fine group. 
    Start Price : 50 USD
    Current Opening : 30 USD
    Hammer price : 40 USD
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