Italian Offices in China

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  • Lot# : 2551 Italian Offices in China

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    "R. Truppe Italiane Estremo Oriente" Postcards,  group of four postcards with different images of Italian troops in China, each with the "Campagna della Cina - 1900" title and an appropriate caption, each with a dragon and coat of arms art right plus an oval "R. Truppe Italiane Estremo Oriente/ Cina 1900" handstamp, Very Fine. 
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    Current Opening : 180 USD
    Hammer price : 290 USD

    Lot# : 2552 Italian Offices in China

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    Italy - Offices in China Cover Assortment,  1920s/30s unmailed cover, six post/ postal cards plus one fragment, note attractive postcard with China franking addressed 1938 to Rome and showing attractive multicolor captioned image of Savoia Grenadier, postcard and unmailed cover with 1938/39 "BATTAGLIONE GRANATIERI SAVOIA E.O." cancels, ppc with 1939 "R NAVE B. COLLEONI" ship cancel, also Tientsin 10c and 5c+10c postal cards addressed 1922 to Savona, etc., a Fine group. 
    Start Price : 400 USD
    Current Opening : 240 USD
    Hammer price : 450 USD

    Lot# : 2553 Italian Offices in China

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    Two 1904 Naval Mail Postcards,  ppc datelined "Shanghai 20-3-1904" addressed to Genova franked with Italy 1901 2c (corner off) tied by light blue Ra NVE VETTOR PISANI/ 18 APR 04" cancel, second a Japanese commemorative postcard set registered to Casale Monferrato with Italy 2c, 10c tied by partial "Ra NAVE PUGLIA/ 15 SET 04" cancel with another nice strike at upper right, some light corner bends opposite stamps, Fine cards. 
    Start Price : 500 USD
    Current Opening : 300 USD
    Hammer price : 350 USD
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