Lot# 3284A - Sales #3052-54

  • Lot# : 3284A Philatelic Literature

    Advanced Philatelic Library, includes most of the classics: Brookman (three volume Lindquist autographed and three volume Philips), Johl»s 20th Century (four volumes, two signed), Johl»s 1902-1935 Quarterman reprint, PF Opinions I-VI plus index, White»s Color In Philately, Bakers» US Classics, Sloane»s Column, HR Harmer Caspary United States sales (blue bound volume), Rose»s Classic Imperfs handbook, Harry F. Allen Collection of Black Jacks (signed by Lane), Brookman»s Banknotes (Triad reprint), Armstrong»s W-F»s and coils, Schmid»s W-F Expert»s Book, Priester»s Beer Stamps, Micarelli, West»s Revenue and Match & Medicine, Chase»s Classic US (Herst 1962 reprint), Stevenson/Brookman»s Grills (Triad reprint), and some PF Bulletins, most everything you could want to start a classic United States library, lovely condition, consider shipping costs while bidding
    Start Price : 100.00 USD
    Current Opening : 190.00 USD
    Hammer price : 210.00 USD